Spider-Man PS4: 7 Easter Eggs We Discovered in the Trailer


The new Spiderman PlayStation 4 Trailer was revealed at E3 2016 Press Conference and it seems the developer have been completely free to play with the easter eggs in the trailer itself. This Spiderman will be PlayStation Exclusive and Marvel has allowed Insomniac complete freedom with their development. We will look at complete new series of Spiderman and from his fighting style to Peter Parker’s intelligence. We tried to break down the trailer clip by clip and there were 7 Easter Eggs we discovered so far. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Easter Eggs.

7 Easter Eggs We Discovered in the Trailer

Easter Eggs in the Spider-Man PS4 Trailer

Civil War Spider-Man Suit with Web shooter

The First thing that the Trailer excite the players is the all new Spider-Man Suit which is pretty much Similar to Captain America: Civil War Movie. The Design may be different but the Eye Patch and the Web Shooter is the upgrade which Peter gets from Tony Stark(Iron Man). So we all are waiting if this the what the story may collide with Peter Parker’s world.


The First swing the Spider-Man makes and we all see on the left is the Board which says ‘Osborn – For Mayor’. This makes a clear statement that Osborn is working for Mayor and we are expecting either Harry or Norman Osborn(Green Goblin) to show up in the game. We also hope this not just an Easter Egg and Norman or Harry to be the part of the game.

Daily Bugle and First Comic Reference

The Second shot is from the Cafe where Spider-Man Jumps out by breaking the Glass, but if you Notice it clearly inside the Cafe you see ‘Daily Bugle’ – this is where Peter used to Works and Click pictures of Spiderman to sell it for the Newspaper Article. Moving forward to the Next Easter Egg where he Jumps out of the Cafe and the Glass says – 1962 The Cafe. 1962 was the Year when first Spiderman comic was available – ‘Amazing Fantasy’.

Inner Demons and Mister Negative

If you had a good look at the Henchmen in the game with a Black Suit and a Mask, these are none other than Mr. Negative’s Guards. They are called the Inner Demon by Mr. Negative in his comics and if you see closely we have the pictures all the Henchmen and the Comic picture below.

Who’s the Villan?

Moving forwards we see the cops car crashing,but on the extreme right look at the building which reads – Feast. This is none other then Mr. Negative’s alter ego’s Project which displayed healing powers for people of various illnesses, although the cause of this healing was unknown.

Movie Reference

These are just a references and we might be wrong, but we think the cutscene shown is reminiscent of the fight scene on the train in Spider-Man 2. Another movie reference from the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ was the Yellow Crane locks the Car.


Finally, an OSCORP Sign shown in a Puzzle and if you try to chip in the letters you will come up with the same. With this Easter Egg reference, we believe Norman Osborn will be the part of the game.

This was all about the Trailer Breakdown References and Easter Eggs So far, if you have anything to share or discovered any new Easter Egg then do let us know in the comments below. Enjoy.