Star Wars: Battlefront Actual PS4 Gameplay Impression: “Destruction, Gunplay, Gameplay, Battlefield Inspiration” & More

 Star Wars: Battlefront Actual PS4 Gameplay Impression: “Destruction, Gunplay, Gameplay, Battlefield Inspiration” & More

Star Wars Battlefront was officially unveiled at Star Wars Celebration, where lots of fans and journalists were given the chance to take a look at what DICE is cooking for us. Many already shared their impressions and we ourselves have had a good amount of details to think about until the next trailer and possibly gameplay video arrives on the Internet. But now, it seems a clever idea to make a step back and read what a fan, redditor Xarathion, had to say about Star Wars Battlefront’s introduction on April 16.

STar Wars: Battlefront


The demo, which was a gameplay representation of the trailer Electronic Arts and DICE released at the Star Wars Celebration, showcased the Walker Assault mode on the planet Endor. The developer displayed the third person perspective option, some of the classes that included a guy using a jetpack, a sniper and regular soldiers. Rebel troopers were using an E11 stormtrooper blaster with a standard scope; they could zoom in but it is not clear if it was 2x or 3.4x or 4x like in the Battlefield games.

The game was running on PlayStation 4 and the graphics, even though not up to the pre-rendered trailer, were “very good”. Xarathion even states that the trailer could be reached by a high-spec PC with “ultra high anti-aliasing”, but we are not sure of that.

“The demo proceeded with some fighting around Endor. People were on the ground and in trees. It was typically 3 to 5 shots to kill with the E11. You had grenades. The UI was very minimal compared to BF3 or BF4. Basically an ammo counter / active weapon info in one corner of the screen, and a radial/d-pad quick menu in the other corner that allowed you to select other ability options. Grenades were shown being used at a certain point, but I don’t remember if they were automatically thrown or if he selected them from the radial menu. After fighting the walker, the screen faded out and then faded back in on the inside of the Endor bunker. A guy in front of you gets killed by a Vader hero via Force Choke / throw. Then Vader kills you with his lightsaber.”


Being based on Frostbite 3, you would expect Star Wars Battlefront would support a huge amount of environmental destructibility: is this true? “Since it was Endor, I want to say some trees got blown up, but I don’t remember to say for sure”, Xarathion said, leaving it all up in the air. I don’t think we will be disappointed from this perspective, anyway, since DICE has made a real trademark of this component and it is highly unlikely it would give up on it with its first Star Wars game.


People being shoot dies after 3 to 5 hits on average, while gunplay itself feels close to Halo and Battlefront 2. “The laser blasts seem to travel as fast as they typically do in most Star Wars games, though with the realistic slant they’ve put on this one it was probably quicker”, Xarathion said. “I’ll say it definitely looks less floaty than Battlefront 1.”

Did the Y-Wings look player controlled? Or were they a scripted event that a player started?

“It looked exactly as it did in the trailer. They swoop in and land a perfect shot. So my guess is that it’s scripted. Considering that the game mode was Walker Assault (or whatever it’s called), that’s probably part of that mode.”


Many Star Wars fans feared that Battlefront was going to be a simple Battlefield spin-off. With DICE literally debunking this supposition, we already had a clue about how independent this game was going to be but now we have a gamer’s confirmation, too. There’s some DICE-DNA in there but nothing has been ripped off from Battlefield 4.

“It definitely feels like a new game, but with Battlefield inspirations. It uses the Frostbite engine (along with Havok and a bunch of other icons I don’t remember that were displayed at the end of the demo), so it’s probably going to feel similar in some aspects. The UI is a lot simpler, but the demo didn’t show any manipulation of the menu such as a map screen to base off of. The environment textures definitely feel like an upgraded BF4, but the lens flares and glare off shiny surfaces was definitely toned down (though not entirely absent).”

This granted a brilliant-looking game, capable of providing what Star Wars and Battlefront fans have hugely awaited for: atmosphere and unique gameplay. Furthermore, being a multiplayer game, Star Wars Battlefront has most importantly to be fun. Is it fun, then?

“Overall my impression is that I’ll definitely have fun with this game with my friends as long as it works. I’m not going to get hung up on whether or not it lives up to it’s predecessors or another game. It’s Star Wars, the sights, sounds, and music are one hell of an epic atmosphere. And this game will definitely show that off”, this is what redditor Xarathion answered to those questioning about how fun the game will be once online and with friends.

I believe we’re yet to see what this game can really offer but the few gameplay glimpses and the trailer we have looked at so far are a good clue about its quality. Should you be a Star Wars fan, I would recommend to you not to worry because DICE knows what it’s doing.

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Source: Reddit