Star Wars: Battlefront Info Blowout: “60FPS, Playable Women Stormtroopers, No Class System, Space Combat & Battlelog”

 Star Wars: Battlefront Info Blowout: “60FPS, Playable Women Stormtroopers, No Class System, Space Combat & Battlelog”

Star Wars Celebrations was filled with Star Wars Battlefront announcements by DICE and Electronic Arts, so it is possible you have lost some news in translation. For example, did you know there will be women Stormtroopers among playable characters? And that Battlefront is going to be the first Dolby Atmos-supported game ever? You may not, so here we are with a collection of the most important details revealed by both the Swedish developer and the publisher in occasion of the official presentation of Star Wars Battlefront. Enjoy and add other info if you own it in the comments section below.

Star Wars: Battlefront

You can share your perks with a partner

Star Wars Battlefront will feature a “partner system” that will allow players to link up with another player of their choosing and always play together, spawn in the same point and meet each other when/where they want. This link will also give a chance of sharing perks, without losing those offered to the partner.

DICE producer Craig McLeod said to Stevivor:

“You don’t give it away, but you share it with them. So if you have a new player or someone who doesn’t play as often as you, you can share that unlock with them and they’re able to use and experience it.”

The shared perks will be available for the partner only during the session those were offered by the gamer who obtained them via regular gameplay.

“The point is that not everyone has a huge amount of time to invest in games. It might be a parent who wants to play with their kids and it’s all about sharing the fun.”

There will be playable women Stormtroopers

While in the Rebel ranks it’s not a novelty the inclusion of playable women characters for the Battlefront series, it is pretty interesting to notice there will be women among the Stormtroopers, something we haven’t seen so far in the Star Wars universe, at least not in the films.

DICE’s Patrick Bach said to Polygon:

“Why wouldn’t there be? When you talk to Lucasfilm, they’re like, ‘Yeah, of course there are. We just haven’t shown you [in the films]. ‘For us, it’s about filling in the details in the universe. We help out by asking the question, ‘Can we do this, can we do that? Should we do this or do that?’ And then we work it out [with Lucasfilm].”

Women troopers indeed appeared in Star Wars: A New Dawn earlier this year and are supposed to have some more space in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Battlefront will be the first game to use Dolby Atmos

DICE has confirmed at Star Wars Celebration that Star Wars Battlefront will be the first video game to support Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos was announced in 2012 and first used in Pixar’s Brave later the same year. Atmos uses 128 audio tracks to create a virtual sound bubble around the listener, immersing them in 3D sound. Anyway, it will be an exclusive feature for the PC version of the game, as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One don’t support the technology yet.

There won’t be any class system

DICE wants gamers to feel free to create their own class and Star Wars experience in multiplayer-only first and third person shooter Star Wars Battlefront. That’s why the game won’t feature any class system. This is what producer Craig Mcleod had to say on this matter to Stevivor:

“Obviously balancing is an incredibly important part of the game especially when you’re not sticking to a class system and allowing people to customise their loadout exactly as they want. This is something out designers have been working with all the time, constantly balancing and making sure it feels that everything has its use”.

Gamers themselves will have to take care of balancing, as they will harm their defensive power by unlocking a certain perk or vice versa. So it really seems to be a “’rock, paper, scissors’ gameplay”.

There won’t be a single-player campaign

Just like the original, DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront won’t have a single-player campaign. As confirmed by General Manager Patrick Bach at Star Wars Celebration, there will be something

like Spec Ops in replacement to be played alone or cooperatively, both online or offline via splt-screen.

“The game is first and foremost a multiplayer game. Battlefront was a multiplayer game. That’s the game we wanted to create — to recreate the battles of the Original Trilogy,” is what Bach said to IGN.

Is this enough for you story-mode lovers out there?

Star Wars: Battlefront Image

The game will run at 60 frames per second on PS4, Xbox One and PC

It doesn’t matter which is the version of your choosing: Star Wars Battlefront will run at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. This is the only thing DICE is caring about.

“We’re making sure, first and foremost, to ensure it runs at 60 frames per second on everything because that’s what delivers the best gameplay experience”, said Craig Mcleod, DICE producer, at Star Wars Celebration.

At this point we’re yet to know at which resolution the game will run on consoles, even though a clue comes from the official page of the game on PlayStation Store.

According to the official description, it seems that the game will run at only 720p. While there’s no confirm about this, we have to report that technical information displayed on PlayStation Store have often revealed inaccurate and therefore have been debunked several times in the past.

And it will be “incredibly impressive”

Star Wars Battlefront will be “incredibly impressive”, according to The Verge. The demo campaign the website was shown at Star Wars Celebration “centered around a fight on Endor where a large group of Rebels battled against Stormtroopers, working together to take down a massive AT-AT.”

“While there wasn’t any hands-on time with the game, DICE did show off some pre-alpha PS4 gameplay footage, and visually the game looked incredibly impressive.”

“The gameplay itself looked like fairly standard first-person or third-person shooter material (players can toggle between either view), but where the game excelled was in creating the sense of truly being within the Star Warsfilms.”

Looking at these words, it seems like we don’t have to worry about resolution, after all.

Pre-order are already available for the Deluxe Edition

Electronic Arts has already open pre-order for the digital versions of the game. Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition (priced €69,99) will include instant access to five in-game items:

  • DL44 blaster – as made famous by Han Solo
  • Ion Grenade
  • Ion Torpedo
  • Ion Shock (exclusive emote)
  • Victory (exclusive emote)

According to the description on the official website, the game will include the following features:

  • Battle on planets like Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, and a previously unexplored planet, Sullust.
  • Pilot nimble speeder bikes, massive AT-ATs, the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, TIE fighters.
  • Play as memorable characters including Darth Vader, Boba Fett and more. Also encounter other beloved characters such as C-3PO and R2-D2.

The standard version is also available for pre-order, priced regularly at €59,99. At this point you can pre-order only PC and PlayStation 4 editions, while pre-orders for Xbox One will be available “soon” due to a partnership agreement between Sony and EA.

Pre-order, and you will get early access to DLC “Battle of Jakku”

Inspired to an epic scene from Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Battle of Jakku will be a free DLC for Star Wars Battlefront available in December. Pre-order your copy of the game now and you will gain early access to it.

Here’s the official descriptions as supplied by the Star Wars Battlefront website:

“Pre-order Star Wars Battlefront and on December 1st, 2015, be among the first players to experience the Battle of Jakku, the pivotal moment when the New Republic confronted key Imperial holdouts on a remote desert planet in the Outer Rim. Taking place in the aftermath of the Rebel victory in the Battle of Endor, players will experience the events that created the massive, battle-scarred landscape of Jakku shown in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Players who pre-order Star Wars Battlefront can fight the battle one week early. All other players will get access to this content on December 8th, 2015.”

Recap: DLC Battle of Jakku will be available free for everyone on December 8th, while for those who pre-order Star Wars Battlefront it will appear online on December 1st. It seems like a free version of Battlefield Premium, somehow.

Space combat? No, thanks.

Star Wars won’t feature any kind of space combat. While you will be able to take to the skies thanks to X-Wing, TIE Fighter or even the Millennium Falcon, you won’t be leaving the atmosphere in Star Wars Battlefront.

“We’re focusing on epic planetary battles for this game,” it’s what DICE producer Craig Mcleod said to PC Gamer.

“It’s very important for us to create a true Star Wars environment. We want it to feel real. There are so many different aspects to this. It goes from the ground up, really. So when you think about that initial layer of infantry combat on the ground, then you add ground vehicles and the walker combat on top of that, then you go into another layer of dogfighting between X-Wings and TIE Fighters, and there was a Star Destroyer in the trailer, so yes they do exist within our game. It’s important that you build this in layers so it feels like a real Star Wars environment.”

Therefore, get ready for some Battlefield-like sky action and dogfighting, but nothing more.

Star Wars Battlefront won’t be based on Battlelog

While Uprise, the same company that actually build Battlelog up, is working on Star Wars Battlefront, there won’t be any link between browser-based app Battlelog and the upcoming DICE first/third person multiplayer shooter.

Assistant producer Jesper Nielsen confirmed that on NeoGaf, answering to the question of a fan.

“That article is based on the fact that the Uprise website mentions that Uprise is working on Star Wars Battlefront. While Uprise has been doing Battlelog, does that automatically mean that we will do Battlelog for Star Wars Battlefront? No, it won’t. That can only be an assumption, and I can tell you, no, there won’t be Battlelog for Star Wars Battlefront.”

Furthermore, Nielsen made it clear that DICE is hard at work on Star Wars Battlefront and that the game is not just a new Battlefield with Star Wars skin.

Someone won a Star Wars Battlefront very limited edition PlayStation 4

Electronic Arts and DICE provided three very lucky Star Wars Battlefront fans with limited edition PlayStation 4 inspired by the upcoming first/third person shooter.

Star Wars: Battlefront Ultra Limited Edition

As you can see, the limited edition PS4 has “only” a branded package, supporting the logo of the game and the face of a mighty Stormtrooper, while the console seems to be a standard one. A code to download Star Wars Battlefront game as it releases is also included. This version of the console has also been given away via a Twitter contest.