STEEP: 5 Best Gameplay Feature You Will Instantly Fall In Love With

It’s time to explore the playground with Ubisoft’s first open-world action sports game and ride the massive open world of the Alps at the intersection of Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France. The player can dominate the world’s most epic mountains with the skis, wingsuit, snowboard, and in paragliding. The Game also comes with various features that will blow your mind. The Game is slated for December 2016, but you can still register for BETA. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Steep’s 5 Best Gameplay Feature.

5 Best Gameplay Feature

5 Best Gameplay Features

Mountain View

Recently, Ubisoft shared a new gameplay which shows different features the game has and one of the best feature among them is the Mountain View. In which, you’ll be doing nothing but observing the Beautiful view of Snowy mountains you can zoom out from your position, observe the world and navigate the environment. The Mountain Range will start populating the drop zones. These are the entry points where you can fast-drop when ready.

Play Online with Friends

At E3 2016 Ubisoft’s Press Conference, we all had a glance of what Steep is all about and the features, but we also saw how all players share the same game world, engaging in various sports activities simultaneously. Which means we can play with our friends and community members to join the activities around the map.

Ride Trail

This is the Best feature I loved so far in the game, anywhere you go, you leave a trail behind. Once you look at the Trail line it does not only gives you the track analysis but also lets you to launch a replay of what you’ve done. It includes – Rewind, pause, Slow motion, Camera Control and follows any players you have met.

Share and Challenge

The Replay feature has one more hidden secret to share it across the social networks with your friends and show them how crazy you are or what a great stunt you just did. Along with the Camera Control in the Race Trail, you can create a challenge and define your own rules. For example, you just had a Long jump from a cliff and think it can be a challenge for you friend then simply create a challenge in the trail and your friend will get notified.

Character Skins

Along with the skiing, Wingsuit, Snowboarding, and in Paragliding the game also features a character with funny dialogs and reactions. So you can now go crazy with not only the Jumps and flying but also with the Character Skins and their reactions. We know you are getting excited about the game so we added one more bonus feature that is the Pro View.

Bonus Go Pro View

This is nothing but a First Person view, not the normal one but the moments and challenges, others racing and doing tricks down the mountain will make it more interesting.