The Witcher 3 vs Fallout 4 Best 2015 RPG Poll Winner, Best Comments From Our Readers and Editor’s Note

Our recent poll about Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt underlined a lot of different opinions when it came to determine which game is the best between them. Of course, they are both huge titles and, although we have our idea on this matter, we really enjoyed reading yours. The question is still one of those really tough to be answered, since Bethesda and CD Projekt RED have done a great job in trying and delivering their not so distant visions in the RPG field. But what you said in our POLL is really clear and interesting to comment with you, in the hope we can even make another discussion about this arise and come to express our opinions while respecting others.

The Witcher 3 vs Fallout 4 RPG War

First, let’s take a look at the pool itself: at this moment, when questioned “is Fallout 4 the best RPG of 2015 or The Witcher 3 beats it handsomely?”, 69.1% of our readers answered The Witcher 3 wins and only 30,9% opted for Fallout 4. This is a clear opinion coming from you and it is also one that remarks our readers’ quality because, let’s be honest, many on the Internet are only victims of hype and tend to forget good games in the arc of a few months. Our poll proves this isn’t always true and we are very happy with it.

By the way, we also have a lot of comments that are worth to analyze together with you. For example, this is what our user korval stated in one particular comment:

“Witcher 3 defined 2015 gaming. Not only the game itself but how CD Projekt Red supports its customers after launch with 16 free DLCs and two massive expansions (1 out; 1 on the way). They set the bar higher than any other publisher for the year and for that CDPR is deserving of a Studio of the Year award as well as a GOTY for Witcher 3.”

Luca also pointed out “Fallout 4 is great”, recognizing it still is a really enjoyable game. Anyway, “The Witcher really got everything right”. And on this point a few of you have not agreed at all, underlining Wild Hunt has had a lot of issues after its launch in terms of bugs hard to fix.

Moreover, when someone claimed Fallout 4 is “more of the same”, user StarryPlough defended Bethesda game by saying:

“More of the same? Like every quest being a generic use of detective powers or “witcher” senses? Or facing the same enemies over and over? Or seeing a hugely beautiful world that is not interesting to explore. Yeah, the witcher was good, but it did ZERO new, nothing at all.”

Lewis Johnston expressed his opinion adding that “I enjoyed witcher 2 a lot, witcher 3 looked GREAT from certain angles but felt the game was overall boring and clunky.”

Many also say Fallout 4 is more addicting while The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a better 360-degree experience, which is something we really share as an opinion, but if you want to read some differences between the games, well, take a look at this comment by sri aurobindo which actually make them clear:

“I was really looking forward to FO4, but it’s disappointing. It’s stuck in 2011 graphics, the story so far is underwhelming and the quests lack any writing innovation. The Witcher just set a whole new bar when it comes to writing. The side quests were fantastic and the graphics far superior to FO4. To be honest, I think Bethsesda should be kind of embarrassed that it took them 7 years merely to come out with a re skinned FO3.”

Ultimately, the thing we enjoyed most in the comments are these three guys asking us not to make this kind of pool just because they can’t tell which is the best game between Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3. We really felt that, guys, we’re on the same boat here!

Eric: “I just can’t choose. They’re both 10s for me.”

Akatosh Witcher (this guy has Fallout’s avatar and “Witcher” in his nickname!): “Please don’t make me choose..I really like both for different reason”.

Robbe Bryssinck: “I like the ending of this article. The part where you said they were equally good. They are both fantastic games, too bad people have to fight over it…”

Although our poll says The Witcher 3 is the best RPG this year, the most important thing here is gaming wins. We remember just at the beginning of 2015 people around the Internet were claiming there was still a lack of role-playing games and it seems they have been satisfied greatly by CD Projekt RED and Bethesda, with both of them delivering huge, and yes they’re not perfect, experiences and adventures for us to live and play.

Geralt In Fallout 4

Robbe, we still think “they are equally good” even though as games journalist we have our opinions and our ratings to provide to readers and people wondering which title they have to choose when investing their money. Luckily enough, this is not a review and it’s almost the end of my working day: I can get back to my computer and consoles, and only decide which is the RPG I want to play right now.