These 12 Neat Features Of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Will Blow Your Mind

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been available for a while and, with days passing by, we constantly learn a lot of new things. Hideo Kojima has put a lot of care and attention to detail, implementing lots of shades you might miss if you are not expert in the Metal Gear saga or in the open world genre.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

That’s why we have for you 12 useful tips you might have missed in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, as they will make your gaming life much easier and will help you discover some of those details that might go lost in translation. Ready? Here they are.

  1. If you find a bunch of resources and want to collect them all you don’t have to press the O button (or whatever) multiple times. Just hold it down and once you’ve picked up the first it’ll start automatically on the second. Same goes for flowers and resource cases. This also works for the interaction button as well. If you’re running to a rock you want to vault up onto you can hold down the button long before you reach the rock. I’ve noticed this doesn’t work for climbing up onto D-Horse or boarding the helicopter though.
  2. I’ve noticed that if you want to raise the morale of your mercs at Mother Base, you can just use your sonar detector. Any nearby mercs will notice your presence and get a morale boost. Saves some time if you don’t wanna run around finding them.
  3. In the Wandering Mother Base soldier missions if you equip the cardboard box they will stop running away and recognize you as the boss right away. Alternatively play Love Deterrence through the speakers to calm them.
  4. If you get spotted while in a box, you can perform a dive from underneath it. As long as an enemy didn’t see you do it, they’ll continue to attack the box. Also boxes are amazing for hiding from vehicles, since a soldier has to actually walk out to you before they get alerted. Obviously with helicopters, they can’t investigate you at all.
  5. Children can’t be fultoned out alone, but you can put them in a vehicle and fulton that out. Won’t work with injured people though, they’ll just flop out when the car rockets away.
  6. The water gun breaks electronics.
  7. When you upgrade the int scope, you can do more than place markers. If you use triangle, or y, it selects from different options like air raids, smoke dispersal etc.
  8. You can also change what the cursor does on the main map menu (i.e. if you just open up the iDroid) by pressing up/down. IIRC you can switch between the usual supply drops/smoke etc. but what is also neat is that you can order Quiet around without going to the buddy submenu every time you want her to switch positions.
  9. If you find the saluting soldier and the half naked ladies posters, you can put them on your box. The saluting soldier one can fool enemy soldiers and they just go away. The sexy lady one seems to distract them. The heavily armored guards don’t fall for the regular sexy lady, but do for the anime style one. Also, regular guards don’t fall for anime, so pick wisely
  10. Order Quiet to scout an outpost at least twice to know the location of the target. After completing a side ops, if you want to go back to ACC, you can just go to Menu and select “Return to ACC” instead of going the whole way back to LZ. Saves a lot of time. There are two ways of commanding Quiet. The normal hold-Q menu like with D-H and D-D, and also on the map. If you press up or down on the arrow keys, it scrolls through a list.
  11. If you deploy a vehicle in a mission, don’t fulton it back. It will automatically be recovered when you board the helicopter. Saves some GMP.
  12. You can customize the color of DD, as well as remove his eye patch. Go to the ACC > Customize > Buddy Customization > DD. You have to have your bond with DD to full (all 10 diamond dogs symbols colored in)

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