This Is Why PS4 Owners Should Forget About DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition


Sony’s Jim Ryan – he sure looks a fun man in his latest interview released at the British website Metro – has said he doesn’t know when or whether the long awaited free DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition will see the light of the day. Sad news to hear, especially if this comes from SCEE boss.

When I was asked to comment upon this, I actually had no idea how to explain my embarrassment about both Sony and Evolution Studios’ behavior. I mean, we have been promised something and we still don’t have it. Furthermore, people who promised are now taking time hoping that we will forget about it one day .

DriveClub PS Plus Edition

Maybe I don’t really care about DriveClub anymore. A PR told Metro that the game *now* works, some months after the actual release – this alone seems strange enough -, but still no one is explaining when or if the free version of this game will go onto the PlayStation Store. What about the servers? What about the advantage of publishing a free edition of the game at this point of the season, if any?

Let me be provocative. Nowadays, it doesn’t make any sense to see pre-E3 conferences: everyone is somehow lying, striving to have the best impact possible over the spectator/gamer/consumer.

DriveClub’s is not the first lie, of course: we have already talked about Ubisoft and its infamous downgrades, I could add Microsoft’s u-turns about DRM and Xbox One, and surely there’s some more in the long video games history. We should all have had enough of this forced spectacularization, that gaming does not seem to be ready to sustain on one hand or another.

With that said, I think it is probable that we will have the complete DriveClub released with no other further fee on PlayStation Plus in the Instant Game Collection. I don’t know when and Sony doesn’t either, but surely it looks the best solution on both the parts: users, that will have one more game to play; Sony, that will try and save its reputation after this truly sad page.