This is why you should absolutely be waiting for the Netflix live-action Zelda series


Wall Street Journal has just revealed that Netflix, the web-based TV broadcaster, is working on some fresh ideas for a TV show about The Legend of Zelda gaming series. This would be a debut for The Legend of Zelda as a live-action TV show, since the 1989 adoption was animated.

Going beyond the fact that Link, who would be the protagonist of the TV show as well, never speaks in 20+ Nintendo games, there are a couple of reasons why we should be waiting for the new project.

The Legend of Zelda Netflix TV Series

Having a TV show based on a Nintendo’s intellectual property means that the Kyoto giant has understood the need to open to new media. Differently from the past experiments (you remember the New Super Mario Bros. movie, don’t you?), this would be worked at the state of art as creators of House of Cards would be in charge. That would be enough to let the fans be rest assured and, should it be successful, Nintendo would have more courage to launch its properties beyond consoles. Mobile, anyone?

Furthermore, tie-ins have never been successful at cinema but, just a few years ago, looked like they found a perfect partner in TV shows. Xbox Entertainment Studios lead the way but felt short after Halo Nightfall – that was released as part of The Master Chief Collection and is going to launch in the home video market did not reach some of its established targets. Should Zelda conquer a fair niche of TV shows fans, the entire industry could already live a new life.

With that said, regarding The Legend of Zelda TV show, we can only hope that the idea of a Game of Thrones for kids does not waste this big chance.