TL;DR Games – Best Quest of 2017 – Destiny 2: Looped

Destiny 2

Most video games with a campaign or single-player mode are made up of a series of missions, chapters, or quests. Most of these will blend together as you play through, but every now and then one stands out. A few years ago, when The Witcher 3 released, it was Family Matters for me, but each new year brings a handful of memorable quests for gamers to enjoy.

Best Quest Nominees

TL;DR Games - Best Quest of 2017 - Destiny 2: Looped
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There are plenty of great quests in our lineup of nominees, and you could probably run five polls for which is best and come up with five different answers. However, we had to choose a winner, and it was Looped from Destiny 2 that came out on top.

Best Quest of 2017 – Destiny 2: Looped

TL;DR Games - Best Quest of 2017 - Destiny 2: Looped
Best QuestTL;DR GamesCC BY-ND Attribution-NoDerivs

Looped takes place early in the Destiny 2 campaign and centers around one of the most loved characters in the Destiny universe, Cayde-6, played by Nathan Fillion. That alone helps it stand out, but it also introduces players to another character that has quickly become a fan favorite, Failsafe, played by Joy Osmanski. Not only are these two characters memorable on their own, but they are dynamite when you put them together. To this day, I still shush my fireteam members when this quest comes up so I can hear the banter between the two. Your Ghost, Nolan North, isn’t bad, either.

What some might feel Looped lacks is a heavy tone that one might associate with a memorable quest. That tone is there if you pay close attention. You see, Cayde-6 has been trapped in a non-linear loop while trying to get a Vex teleporter. He planned to use that teleporter to get aboard Ghaul’s (the main baddy in Destiny 2) ship and kill him. The funny guy is on a very dangerous and admirable mission, even if he did bunk it up in classic Cayde-6 fashion. This part of the story helps to show gamers that Cayde-6, while hilarious, takes the protection of the Tower and safety of his Vanguard allies very seriously. He’s willing to die to save them.

As the mission progressed, my attention was briefly taken from the superb voice acting so I could stop and stare at some incredible Vex architecture. As the mission moves under the surface of Nessus, you see areas that reminded me very much of the Vault of Glass. In fact, I’m certain that every time I see such architecture in Destiny 2, I stop my fireteam and pass along my desire for a Vault of Glass 2.0. This is followed by, “If Deej doesn’t give me a proper Vex raid I’ll…”

The quests in Destiny 2 and those featured from our other nominees were good overall, but Looped just hit too many high notes to be ignored. That’s why it won the TL;DR Games award for Best Quest of 2017. To view all the awards, be sure to pop into our 12 Days of Game Awards hub.