Top 10 GTA V DLC We Would Like To See From Rockstar Games In Near Future

 Top 10 GTA V DLC We Would Like To See From Rockstar Games In Near Future

Rockstar added a few new features to Grand Theft Auto V. Gamers could play the stock market and even own a few businesses to earn some cash on the side. However, we don’t really get much control at all when it comes to how a business is managed. One feature we would like to see added into the game is the ability to further tweak and upgrade your business. Give us the management abilities of staff, inventory, price, while also being able to adjust your business location and storefront.


Additional Vehicle Upgrades


Another new appealing feature to Grand Theft Auto V is that now gamers can fully tweak their vehicles. Not only can we change the paint color but also adjust the transmission, wheels, spoilers, horn, and window tint, among various other factors. We wouldn’t mind seeing even more options pop up for customizing your vehicle while also adding other vehicles that were once unable to be customized.

Female Protagonist


Rockstar has always focused on a male lead for their Grand Theft Auto installments. Perhaps making a standalone DLC that focuses on a female protagonist would make for interesting content. Additionally, it could be set before the events of Grand Theft Auto V with a completely unique story and characters.

Offline Heists


Rockstar recently released Heists for Grand Theft Auto V Online but there are a number of gamers who don’t participate with PSN or Xbox Live. Needless to say, there’s an abundance of gamers who are hoping Rockstar brings over Heist mode to offline players. These missions could bring extra money while picking certain NPCs as additional crew members for different heists.

North Yankton


We’re curious as to if Rockstar will ever let players back into North Yankton. Not only would we live to revisit the area again but also take on new quests and random events. Even if North Yankton doesn’t make a comeback in Grand Theft Auto V, we would love to see a new area that can only be accessed by plane or boat.

Custom Music Station


Grand Theft Auto V has a great soundtrack and they add music stations that will appeal to wide audience of gamers. However, it would be nice to see Rockstar add the ability to allow gamers to make their own unique music playlist to enjoy while driving through Los Santos or even outside the vehicle. Even if we can’t use our own music, let us hand select the music we enjoy listening to within the game.

Cop, EMS, Firefighter


Gamers are pinned into playing the criminal in each Grand Theft Auto installment. Because Grand Theft Auto V features the police and EMS and Firefighters, why not let gamers partake in missions while driving one of these vehicles. Take down other criminals as a cop, help injured NPCs as an EMS or even put out fires while roaming the city in a fire truck. Each could contain their own unique missions or just showcase random events while operating the different vehicles.

Hang Gliders/Wingsuit


We have to give Rockstar some credit by adding parachutes to Grand Theft Auto V but we would like to see a few more little additions when flying around Los Santos. Two key items that would make for interesting gameplay in Grand Theft Auto V is hang gliders and wingsuits. Both could let gamers transverse around the city and maneuver around buildings easier and quicker than being in a plane, helicopter or parachute.



This is our biggest gripe about Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar implemented cheats within the game but they cannot be equipped through the in-game cellphone like Grand Theft Auto IV. We wish Rockstar would go back and add the ability to toggle on cheats through the in-game menus and not limiting us by certain time limits. Additionally, it would be great to see new cheats show up in different updates. Give players new super power abilities, spawn unique vehicles, cause people to riot among various others.