Top 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming PS4 Indie Games 2016

 Top 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming PS4 Indie Games 2016

While we had already talked about the top 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 games set to come out in 2016, it’s now the Indie Games’ turn. Indie Games have drastically improved in the last couple of years which makes us all increase our expectation to love the most indie game.

Top 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Indie Games 2016

Sony has now made a point of putting their focus on partnerships with the smaller studios. This will help them creating unique and diverse experiences on all PlayStation platforms. The Good news for all PlayStation players is to get ready for a fantastic year for the independent game scene and here we present the List of Top 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming PS4 Indie Games 2016.

Top 10 Upcoming PS4 Indie Games


ABZU is altogether a unique game in terms of art and content. ABZU means ‘to know water’, and as he name says, the player will be experiencing an underwater world inhabited, beautifully rendered fish and unbelievably comprehensive in terms of its landscape.

  • Developer: Giant Squid
  • Release Date: TBA 2016

The Witness

The Witness is a first-person puzzle adventure game. The game sets in an island with numerous structures and natural formations where an unnamed character will find himself encountering numerous puzzles in the island which is divided into ten sections. All puzzles are based on a mechanic of tracing a path through a maze-like route to simply complete the maze and find the right path in order to complete the game.

  • Developer: Thekla Inc.
  • Release Date: TBA 2016


Rime is a third-person open world adventure puzzle video game. The Player will take control of a young boy who must use his wits and ability to survive in the mysterious island. The Main objective here is to escape from the terrible curse of the island.

  • Developer: Tequila Works
  • Release Date: TBA 2016


Adrift is a first-person interactive fiction video game generally stylized as ADR1FT. The player will take control of an astronaut and float through the wreckage of a destroyed space station with no memory of the incident. The Player must investigate the crash and gather the clues in order to repair the ship and escape vehicle to return home.

  • Developer: Three One Zero
  • Release Date: Q1 2016

The Tomorrow Children

The Tomorrow Children is an open world sandbox adventure video game. The game sets in Russia in 1960’s where there is an attempt to merge all human consciousness into a singularity and the player take control over a ‘projection clone’ in order to explore the Void. The main objective of the players is to build their own communities and protect them from invaders while trying to rejuvenate human existence.

  • Developer: Q-Games and SCE Japan Studio
  • Release Date: Q2 2016

Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D action role-playing video game where the player takes control over a sailor who finds himself with shipwrecked on a strange island in the middle of a centuries-old war. You need to investigate and explore teh island to find the clues.

  • Developer: Ska Studios
  • Release Date: TBA 2016


Hellblade is a story based on Celtic myth and the player will take control over the protagonist Senua as she embarks on a very personal journey through a hellish underworld. The game combat is very brutal and uncompromising as the developers and the trailer shows the high impact action over the last few games.

  • Developer: Ninja Theory
  • Release Date: Q2 2016


Firewatch is an upcoming first-person adventure mystery video game where the player plays the role of Henry. The Player needs to explore the wilderness in an attempt to find the clues about the ransacking of your fire lookout tower while out on patrol. You will be guided with a woman named Delilah, who can only be reached by walkie-talkie. The more you explore the forest and the more clues are brought to light.

  • Developer: Campo Santo
  • Release Date: February 9, 2016

Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga is a Viking-themed tactical role-playing video game where the player gets into a fantastic land of war and politics. After the success of the 2014’s Banner Saga the sequel has returned with a number of improvements and also feature fearsome Dredge Skulker hounds that can turn invisible and every unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, it’s all upon the player how he tends to use it.

  • Developer: Stoic
  • Release Date: January 12, 2016

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is an adventure survival video game where the player needs to explore and survive in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. The player has the ability to fly from the surface of a planet to another and explore every star in the sky. Your Objective is to explore the uncharted solar systems and catalog unique new forms of life which vary from Planet to Planet.

  • Developer: Hello Games
  • Release Date: June 2016