Top 12 Dark Souls 3 Hidden Gameplay Mechanics You must Know

 Top 12 Dark Souls 3 Hidden Gameplay Mechanics You must Know

Dark Souls 3 gameplay mechanics changes from area to area while there are various hidden mechanics which FromSoftware wants the player to explore and adapt to them. From using different weapons, tricks with equipment slots or be it the hidden power of Armor. We have found and unlocked such hidden mechanics and here is a list of top 12 Dark Souls 3 hidden gameplay mechanics you must know.

Hidden Gameplay Mechanics

Top 12 Dark Souls 3 Hidden Gameplay Mechanics

For the Veteran player, you might have already discovered some of these and if you have explored something new then feel free to share it in the comments below. Make sure you visit our Dark Souls 3 Wiki Guide to know more about the game. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Hidden Mechanics.

Improve the Hollow Face and Reverse

It’s good to go hollow in Dark Souls 3 as it has its own powers. If you have met Yoel of Londor in the Undead Settlement, bring him to Firelink Shrine and Talk to him(Without Helmet). You will see an option of ‘Draw out True Strength’ which will allow you to level up for free, but this will also give you a Dark Sigil. Now every time you die with Dark Sigil in your inventory you will see Hollowing points in your Status screen(below Level).

The more hollow points increase the more it Hollows your Character Skin. After 5 Level Upgrades, Yoel will die and Yuria of Londor will appear, now you can buy the Purging Stone from her to remove all the Hollowing. If you give the Fire Keeper Soul to Fire Keeper then she will help you heal the Dark Sigil which will help your Hollowing issue once and for all.

Swift Equipment Slots

During the battle with Boss or enemies, you usually get stuck to select the Estus Flask or another item when necessary. If you Hold down the D-pad to jump on the First item on the Equipment slot which normally should be the Estus Flask.

Equipment Preview

Everyone wants to see how the character look while scrolling through different items. If you don’t know which will suit best for your Armor then Simply Press the right analog stick on the Equipment screen to see which looks better.

Invading Summoner

Once you get your hands on the Red Eye Orb from Leonhard you can summon to random World and take down Enemies. Now the Drops will depend on which covenant you are in, for example, you will get a Summoned with a Sunbro Covenant then the enemies will Drop Sunlight Medal for every Kill.

Duel Wielding

If you haven’t noticed, Power Stance Duel Wielding has to be removed from the Dark Souls 3 Which brings us to use a Duel Wielding Weapons. This is good if you know which weapons to use and get the best out of it.

Summon at Any level

Go to Options, then in Cross-Region Play Tab create a Password which is shared between you and your Friend. This will help you to Summon to your Friend’s World regardless of your Soul Level. This will make the area mechanics to adjust and balance the phantom strength to match the host. Also, you cannot drop a weapon which will exceed your friends level.

360 Parry

You are going to love this Trick or I should call it as a Bug, you can now parry opponents even if they are attacking you from behind, but you need to use a Shield to parry. This parry affects phantoms in 360 radius around you which is a benefit for the players who know about this trick.

Attack Mechanics

Have you ever tried Running with R2? You will perform a Jumping Attack. I know you have tried it with Forward and R2 but this hidden part is you can roll after the Jumping attack which can surely save you from a lot of damage. Similarly, You don’t always have to end up Rolling after a normal Jump. Simply avoid pressing forward at the end of the Jump to stop the Roll.

Visceral Attacks

Yes, that’s right, you can now use the Visceral attacks on Bosses(Slow once) to make a big impact. The One who don’t even look stagger able are the one you should try and Aim only their head so that you are down with 2-3 blows. During the Boss fight, you will hear a different sound of attacks(light attacks) which shows you are doing good damage and the player is vulnerable.

Dagger Swamp

There are Weapons which don’t require much focus and Dagger is one of them. If you try using the Dagger(with no focus at all) then you can take quick steps which are needed in Poisoned Swamp area.

Knife and Spells

If you try mixing your moves during the battle you will explore that you can actually throw knives and Spells(Farron Dart) while running. You can also perform a Charged attack by simply holding R2.

Heavy Roll

When you try to equip to much while exploring you get a Heavy Roll when your Equip Burden is 70% and above. Try to make it below 70% which will save your time especially when you are in sewer and Swamps area or Boss Fight.