Top 15 Unexpected, Memorable and Breathtaking Moments In Video Game History


Sometimes a video game does a really good job at sucking you into the story. From the perfect atmosphere, compelling story and those memorable scenes that you’re able to talk about for a lifetime. With all that said, there are certainly a few memorable unexpected video game moments and we pulled out some of our favorites. You simply can’t get these images out of your head for the better or the worst. Take a look at our favorite unexpected video game moments in history and let us know some of yours down in the comment section! Prepare for spoilers!

15 Unexpected and Memorable Gaming Moments

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 – Eli Vance Death

Half-Life 2: Episode Two frustrates us and I’m sure millions of other gamers out there. Valve made such a compelling series that not only left us in tears at the very end of the game but also left us wanting the next installment for years; I mean we’re still waiting at the time of writing this.

The reason Half-Life 2: Episode Two makes our list is because Eli Vance at the very end of the game. Something about seeing Eli Vance get tore apart by creatures is pretty disturbing. What makes it worse is that his own daughter is watching this go down.

In his last few seconds of life, Eli tells his daughter that he loves her and to close her eyes. Valve, it’s about time you announce Half-Life 3 for Eli’s daughter sake. Let her get some revenge, it’s been years now!


Resident Evil – Dog Scene

We really don’t have to explain this one do we? The infamous dog attack from Resident Evil was always in mind when creating this list because everyone who has played this game can remember the point in the game where a dog first attacked you.

Let me set you up better if you’ve actually never played Resident Evil. Within the game, there is a certain hallway that players roam through quite often. You pass this area number of times with no problem when all of the sudden a dog leaps through the window and attacks you.

Not only was it unexpected, players were left in mind that the area they were traveling through was deemed pretty safe.


F.E.A.R. – All Those Jump Scares

A game that has to make this list is F.E.A.R. a title that really explains what gamers are getting themselves into. The sole purpose F.E.A.R. is making this list really can be said about jump scares. If you’re not a fan of jump scares, stay away from F.E.A.R.

From a setting that has you sitting on the edge of your seat, out of nowhere grotesque images, slamming doors, shocking enemies to objects flying off the shelves, you’re going to be saving the game and putting it down multiple times before you come close to beating it.


Silent Hill 2 – Ending

The Silent Hill series in general can be labeled as an unexpected moment in video game history. A series made to be a survival horror tosses gamers into a world of ominous and pain. Creators made the game so you’ll hear things that will cause a shiver down your spine.

Within the Silent Hill series, fans always take a strong liking to Silent Hill 2 and for good reason. The graphics are knocked up a notch, incredible new creatures lurk within the fog filled world and most of the entire story.

James Sunderland starts off his game missing his wife who passed away from a disease. A letter makes its way to his residency where it’s signed by his wife Mary. This can’t be for real, can it? His wife has been passed away for some time now.

Traveling through the world, James encounters a splitting image of his wife but is it her? Turns out that James was lead to Silent Hill not to search for his deceased wife Mary. Instead he was to go through the unbearable guilt of knowing that he was the one that actually killed her.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – No Russian

The level made national headlines and stirred up controversy about the video game and the gaming industry as a whole. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2′s No Russian level is one that will go down in history books.

Players take on a role of an American soldier having to blend in a terrorist group so he can gain intel, in-order to further prove yourself, players will have to walk within the group and take down several innocent lives at an airport.

Take things even further, when police arrive and swat, you must also help the terrorist group escape by any means.


Dead Space – Jump Scares

Dead Space is just scary. Plain and simply terrifying to be exact. The developers from Vissceral Games really developed an atmosphere that will pull a gamer in and leaving them wanting more even if the game isn’t a full joy ride.

Taking the role of Isaac Clarke, players will explore an old spaceship that is filled with the most grotesque alien creatures. From disturbing to jump scares, you can never be too sure what is down a hallway.


Metroid – Samus Aran

Back in the day, video games featured a strong male character front. So when Metroid came out and your character never spoke or was displayed without armor, most expected strong male character. That wasn’t the case though.

It became quite a shock back when Metroid was released after the game ended and Samus took off the armor to reveal that behind the metal suit was really a female character. Now female role character isn’t much of a surprise, we may have Metroid to thank for that.


Uncharted 3 – Cruise Ship

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series is action packed and really feels like you’re watching a movie. During one moment of the game, players are taking on pirates within a cruise ship though you find yourself trapped inside as it begins to sink.

Gamers can witness the dark unforgiving ocean take the cruise ship by watching the view from the ballroom when a pirate shoots out the glass flooding the cruise ship with the both of you in it.


Halo – The Flood

Bungie’s first Halo video game, A Combat Evolved, showed gamers another enemy hidden deep within another planet.

The Flood was an enemy that took on different creatures and even fed and formed off your allies, turning them essentially into zombies. Bungie didn’t give you any warm up to the fight against the Flood either, when the enemy struck, they came in at full force.


Star Ocean 3 – Just Another Game?

Star Ocean 3 had an interesting concept. Within Star Ocean 3, you learned that you and your party are really just a game. The creation of your entire dimension was from another dimension in which people would log in and take form of your body to play different fantasies. All though not truly real, the AI from the dimension managed to figure out what was going on and allowed the characters to escape their created dimension.


Gears of War 3 – Mad World

Within the Gridlock map, gamers are treated to a new surprise if they are able to complete the level without destroying any ash people. If you’re able to avoid the ash people, the next level will have dimmer lighting and a piano cover of Gary Jules’ Mad World. Very unexpected and very depressing.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Starting Scene

Call of Duty gets a lot of flack now with gamers not seeing much of a difference between one title and another though it still manages to make a huge profit. The game that sparked a new standard in first-person shooters, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare brought gamers to a screeching halt in the star of the game.

At the start of Modern Warfare gamers are tossed into a car and witness astonishing city landscapes and military action. Expecting to break free at any moment and pick up the fight, instead you are escorted into an open area where a nameless leader pulls out his sidearm, aims at your head and fires.


Heavy Rain – The Origami Killer

Heavy Rain was a neat title that brought a completely quick-time action gameplay. Players take on the role of Scott Shelby who is on the case of figuring out the identity of the Origami Killer.

As we made new investigation leads and started to unravel the mystery, players were in shock to find out that the Origami Killer was actually you! That’s right the whole game was a setup for Scott Shelby to locate evidence and destroy it.

Though is Scott Shelby a maniac killer or mentally ill? Well it all just depends on how you played the game.


Red Dead Redemption – Ending

Rockstar’s attempt in making a western open-world video game was no less than a massive hit. The game takes John Marston, a former notorious gang member, back into his old lifestyle. With the American government holding his wife and son hostage, John Marston must track down his former gang members and dispose of them.

Though did you really think the government was going to let him walk freely? With life starting to look back to normal, John Marston get’s one more knock on his door with the government Calvary.


Dead Island – Announcement Trailer

I loved Dead Island, it’s a great game. I’ve spent countless hours going out with friends killing the zombie horde and even participated in the diamond glitch. Do you recall the reveal trailer showing off a very brutal and controversial scene of a family attending the luxury resort with the undead? Word cannot describe how tough it was to sit there and watch the video unfold so watch it for yourself!