Top 5 Huge Xbox One Exclusive Games That Will Focus On Story

 Top 5 Huge Xbox One Exclusive Games That Will Focus On Story

With Gamescom about to begin, and Sony skipping the event for Paris Games Week, all eyes and ears will be focused on Microsoft and Xbox One. We all know Xbox One is going to have a huge first party line-up this fall, thanks to games like Forza Motorsport 6. So this time around we prefer to concentrate on games that, for one reason or another, will have have catched your attention and have been discussed/will be discussed in the short term (so E3, Gamescom, upcoming release etc.). And, believe us, there’s something to talk about.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

After Tomb Raider’s reboot in 2013, located on the island of Yamatai, the young Lara Croft embarks in a new adventure accompanied by her loyal friend Jonah. Her target is to find out the reasons why the mysterious organization Trinity wants to eliminate her one way or another. But, as we have seen in the E3 2015 gameplay trailer, an avalanche separates Jonah and Lara, so our heroine is forced once again to survive in extreme condition. This time around, looks like she will have to live on in an icy environment… Rise of Tomb Raider is out only for Xbox One and Xbox 360 on October 10.

Quantum Break

Remedy is back, and this time around it won’t be working on Max Payne or Alan Wake. Quantum Break is a new IP in development exclusively for Xbox One, with director, writer and producer Sam Lake at the helm of the project. In Quantum Break, a time travel experiment goes wrong at the fictional Riverport University in the North Eastern U.S. Because of the accident, Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder and Paul Serene get the power to manipulate time: the first two are the good guys, while Serene, the leading man at Monarch Solutions, is the one who will try to gain as much as possible from this time breaking event. Quantum Break will be out in 2016, and more news about it will be available at this August’s Gamescom.

Halo 5: Guardians

The Halo series debuted on Xbox One thanks to the Master Chief Collection, that brought on Microsoft’s new consoles all of the masterpieces in the main saga (apart from Halo: Reach…). But Halo 5: Guardians will be the first new chapter in the series to appear on Xbox One so, while multiplayer has already been tested via an extensive beta, there’s a mix of hype, excitement and fear that the game could not be amazing enough both in terms of graphics, gameplay and story. 343 Industries is bringing the story even further, introducing the new character of Agent Locke, who will be searching for the renegade Master Chief through the entire universe. But is Master Chief really the bad guy in this plot? Have we lost the hero and companion of so many adventure? Don’t worry, we will discover it on October 27.


Scalebound has been around for a while, being introduced at E3 2014 and then disappearing from our radars. Microsoft has promised there will be more details about the game, possibly through a gameplay trailer, that will reveal more on the story and the way we will be able to play it. Anyway, being in development at Platinum Games, we expect it to be a fast and frantic, over the top hack ‘n’ slash third person action game, and as you might have noticed… it will feature dragons! So, there’s still a lot we have to learn about the location, the protagonist, the very existence of these dragons in the game – that’s enough, in my opinion, to make Scalebound one of the most exciting stories to explore (possibly) next year, exclusively on Xbox One.


Metroid Prime creators, Armature Studio and Keiji Inafune are working on a completely new IP, it has been unveiled at this year’s E3. Recore, this is the name of this brand new game, is said to be an action adventure where exploration and fighting have a huge relevance. What’s interesting is that the game is located in a post-apocalyptic, desert world where impressive sand storms happen every now and then, and of course have an impact on the way you can play it. Furthermore, there’s a female protagonist, something we’re not used to, and she will be able to communicate with a companion unity that is able to survive and relive in other thing’s body (in the trailer, it starts in some kind of robotic dog, then ends up being a gigantic robot). Same as Scalebound, there’s a lot we have to learn about Recore, but unfortunately it won’t be at Gamescom, so we are probably going to hear more about it in 2016 – the same year we hope will see its release only on Xbox One.