Top 5 Must Buy Games In July 2015 For PS4 and Xbox One

July is usually one of the less crowded months when talking about video game releases, but this year it looks like it’s making an exception. We’ve got some very good games releasing this month, some of them are remasters, some are reboots and some are new versions. After a few years of slow pace, current-gen consoles never sleep, it seems. Let’s take a look, then, at the five hottest July video game releases.

Xbox One vs PS4

F1 2015 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Ferrari is back to its glorious roots, but Mercedes is still leading the F1 2015 championship, that looks already to be in the hands of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. In this battled scenario, F1 2015 is the new racing game by racing game master, the English studio Codemasters, the first to reach the current-gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 (and PC, of course).

The game will provide the chance to race in the 2014 championship, too, as an additional content. Moving forward, some other additional contents will be released, like the ones that will update cars’ cosmetics and performances. Manor Marussia F1 will be also added in a second moment, since it missed the first pre-season tests. After twenty years, the Circus will also be back in Mexico.

Journey (PS4)

Journey has been among the best games released in 2012 and, overall, for PlayStation 3. So it was obvious gamers were going to have, sooner or later, another chance to play it on PlayStation 4: the new edition, it was announced a few days ago, will be out for the current-gen Sony system on July 21.

The new release will be accompanied by the social media campaign based on the hashtag #OurJourney (launched by game director Jenova Chen in person), but won’t be developed internally at thatgamecompany, since the port is being handled by the UK studio Tricky Pixels.

God of War III Remastered (PS4)

Ok, it’s just another remaster, but it’s the last PlayStation 3 adventure of Kratos, one of the most appreciated male characters in the entire industry. So it will of course be a pleasure to get back to his last journey to the Olympus and do it with all the power of PlayStation 4 – at least waiting for the next episode in the main series.

In technical terms, God of War III Remastered has been said to be running at 1080p and 60 frames per second. The developer is Santa Monica Studio, the developer of the original series, so we can be sure the title will be handled with the care and the respect it deserves. Rumors also say there’s an Ascension remaster in development, so keep your eyes open for it this fall.

King’s Quest Episode 1: A Knight to Remember (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC)

July is also the month of King’s Quest, the episodic reboot of the much loved franchise from the past. Sierra, the latest Activision label that “debuted” with Geometry Wars 3, is handling the publishing duties, while The Odd Gentlemen (The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom) across all the five chapters that build up this adventure.

The game is a platform and, being powered by Activision’s funds, can count on some top quality voice actors: Zelda Williams, for example, is in and Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd has been involved, too. There’s a Complete Edition available, in case you’re willing to give your money for all of the episodes before they reach the digital stores.

World of Tanks Xbox One Edition

It’s the incredibly popular free-to-play by Wargaming, and it’s coming on Xbox One. World of Tanks doesn’t need any introduction for sure, but this new edition contains some features that show up how much care the developer has put in working on it.

Proving Grounds, a new PvE mode, is the most important addition to the pack: in this mode, you can use any tank in your garage to tackle the challenges that follow and fight against AI controlled enemies (AI will also serve as allied forces). It has four scenarios with Standard, Assault and Encounter fight modes, the same you find in Random Battles; the last scenario is a boss fight with the powerful E-100.