Top 5 Must Buy PS4 and Xbox One Games In September 2015

 Top 5 Must Buy PS4 and Xbox One Games In September 2015

While August has witnessed some good Xbox One and PS4 releases, it’s in September where the best titles start coming out for both the current-gen consoles. As you might see below, there’s so much good stuff that something’s even missing from our list, such as Forza Motorsport 6: we know we’re going to play it and you will probably do the same.

Xbox One vs PS4 Games In September 2015

Anyway, new games incoming are so many and so great quality. On September 1, for example, the month kicks off with the eagerly awaited Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which is supposed to be the last Konami-published Kojima title.

Then, we have some other titles that you are probably going to invest your money on. Right in the middle of the month we have Destiny: The Taken King, the first proper Destiny expansion coming not only in digital but also in more classic retail shops. If you are a Destiny fan, this is going to be a huge release you won’t want to miss.

Finally, we have sports games FIFA 16 and PES 2016. This year they release in the same month, while in 2015 PES arrived so late that the “sports games war” was already over in favor of FIFA. They say competition is always a good thing, it makes both the competitors come up with top quality innovations, so we’ll see if in 2016 Konami and Electronic Arts will make a stand.


With the most controversial pr campaign ever conducted, Konami is finally shipping Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Once it’s in our hands, probably enough the publisher will fire its creator Hideo Kojima and he will be free to join another company (or found a new one, who knows).

The Phantom Pain closes up the Big Boss saga, answering to many questions fans keep answering about since the first few chapters. For example, what made Big Boss so angry he actually became the villain? Anyway, the title also supports complete new mechanics such as the open world gameplay, which we’re going to check and see if it works on a story-driven and linear born series.


Whoever went to cinemas to watch Mad Max: Fury Road knows there’s some good reason at all why he has to buy and play Mad Max, Avalanche Studios’ (not) tie-in which allows players to actually be Mad Max.

The creators of Just Cause have worked for a three-year development cycle on this, independently from the movie, just to assure this post-apocalyptic open world game is loyal to Miller’s film franchise. In a couple of days we’re going to discover if it actually is.


Destiny: The Taken King is finally here, almost. The first proper expansion comes after The Dark Below and House of Wolves, two “minor” DLCs in comparison with it, and introduces a lot of new contents and tweaks people in love with the game will adore.

Among them, we find powerful new abilities, new campaign featuring Hives, new locations, level cap increased and all-new gear, and new activities. Looking at the amount of previews and hints coming from the community, we sure expect this to become a must have content for those who constantly play Destiny. And, maybe, it will bring in a few other players.


Coming this month we also have sports games such as FIFA 16. I have personally given it a try at Gamescom 2015 and it looks way slower, more calculated in comparison with the previous iterations, which is a bit weird if you have played the series so far but could get interesting in a few months, depending from the learning curve.

EA Sports has focused on defenses, making them more compact, having each of their components capable to work together as one unique body – looks like you won’t be able to score running from the midfield when the second half starts. Ball control has been improved, too, so you can feel the difference if you play with Leo Messi or with some unknown inferior category striker. What’s important is that it actually works, providing you a serious alternative to some of the most exaggerated skill tricks ever.

PES 2016

As it happened in the last few years, PES 2016 is expected to bring the series back to the throne in the sports genre, both in terms of sales and fan appreciation. The game obtained the award as best sports game at last year’s Gamescom and the same happened in 2015, so maybe it’s on the good path to make a huge return.

What we can say now from the demo is that it finally looks faster and seems like you have more control on players, on the way they stay and behave on the pitch. Only in a few months we will be able to say if it is enough or FIFA 16 is still ahead of it.