Top 5 Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon GO

 Top 5 Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is Boosting Nintendo’s stock to record-breaking level by taking over 50% of the in-app purchase for Apple. Even the Servers are facing a few issues before the Global release, the developers are working to keep them running smoothly. The new Augmented Reality app features 151 different Pokemon in total, just like the original Pokemon Kanto series. This Article will show you the 5 Most Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Top 5 Powerful Pokemon

Many Pokemon Go Players have gone crazy as they can’t get enough of hunting various Pokemon, Gyms and PokeStops nearby. After starting the Pokemon Journey, trainers are curious to know how many Pokemons are there and where can they be found, which one is the strongest Pokemon. In this Article, we have included the Legendary Pokemon as well. You can also check out top 5 Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon GO(without Legendary) to know more about the powerful Pokemon which is available to Catch.

Top 5 Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon GO


Zapdos is one of the 6 Rarest Pokemon you cannot catch in Pokemon GO yet. There are Rumors, that they will be making their appearance in the First Pokemon Go Event. I guess we have to wait until someone actually encounters them or the Event. Zapdos represents the Team Instinct(Yellow Team) and is known as one of the Legendary Bird Pokemons in Pokemon GO.

  • Max CP – 3114


Just like Zapdos, Moltres is also one of the 6 Rarest Pokemon you cannot catch in Pokemon GO yet. Moltres represents the Team Valor(Red Team). If you’ve seen or had any hint about any of these Legendary Bird then do let us know in the comments below.

  • Max CP – 3240


The most powerful Pokemon in Kanto Pokedex is Mew but in Pokemon GO Mew rank 3rd most Powerful Pokemon with much lower CP than Mewtwo. Mew is incredibly adaptable, able to travel freely in the air or underwater.

  • Max CP – 3299


Dratini and Dragonair at least have 2/10 chances to spawn nearby lake or any Water area but haven’t heard anything for Dragonite so far. Again a Rare Pokemon which you’ll find hard to get in Pokemon GO. This Dragon type Pokemon also has a Strong CP and known to be a very good Gym Defense Pokemon. It is Shocking Articuno didn’t make it in the list and Dragonite had more CP than other two Legendary Bird Pokemon.

  • Max CP – 3500


The Ultimate Pokemon from the Original Pokemon Kanto Series is Mewtwo. Unfortunately, in Pokemon GO Mewtwo cannot be evolved into Mega Mewtwo X using Mewtwonite X or Mega Mewtwo Y using Mewtwonite Y. As we all notice in the First Trailer where trainers gather at Time Square to defeat and Capture Mewtwo within the given time. So we expect other Legendary Birds will also show up in the events like this.

  • Max CP – 4144