Top 5 Worst Games Of 2016

2016 has been a great year for video games, with the introduction of new hardware – virtual reality headsets, PS4 Pro – and the release of some brand new IP titles that will probably be around for quite a long time. At the same time, many games were disappointing, at least in comparison with what people were made believe they were going to look like. Not always complete disasters, but just something we were expecting to be much better than it actually was.

Top 5 Worst Games Of 2016

The list could be well longer but, this time, we’ll stick with five among the most disappointing games this year, and will probably offer you the exact opposite soon – discussing the best titles that were released in 2016. In the meantime, let us know if you agree with the list we’re about to offer.

Worst 2016 Games: Massive Hype, Fails To Live Up To Expectations And Promises

5: Homefront: The Revolution

It had to be the game that was exploring the full potential of the Homefront IP, but ultimately revealed, one more time, a disappointing release for the franchise. This was probably due to the many changes in the development staff, and some technological obstacles the team had to work around – CryEngine is not the top tech when it comes to open world/sandbox titles. Anyway, issues like frame rate, odd I.A. behavior and weak plot were evident from the very first showcase.

4: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Just like Homefront: The Revolution – x 2. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was supposed to be what the original wasn’t. A deep gameplay experience beyond a good story set in an interesting dystopian location. Once again, instead, Catalyst failed to offer deep gameplay mechanics and resulted in a pretty weak open world game, somehow striving to be in the likes of productions like Dying Light and Far Cry, with crazy NPC and side missions requiring to move from point A to point B. Moreover, the story itself was around geek and nerdy teenager, and somehow failed to be as fascinating as the original was back in the days. A sequel could fix it though.

3: Street Fighter V

Hearing that the game would not release on Xbox One was a bad news right from the beginning. It kept going even worse, then, when reviewers discovered that Street Fighter V would be releasing almost without any interesting modes apart from a barely working multiplayer component and a disappointing story mode against the CPU. Sales were so low, and people were so right about it. Capcom tried and fixed it along the road, but it’s still having a hard time making it to be profitable.

2: Umbrella Corps

Oh, Capcom. Again you. Before Resident Evil VII Biohazard made us all fall in love with old school Capcom, there was a game – a couple games, to be honest – that were basically shitty, like Umbrella Corps. A multiplayer only title that was so disgusting the Japanese publisher had to remove the Resident Evil name from it before it ended up destroying the little faith the fans had in this franchise. It’s a low quality, horridly paced third person shooter, working (badly) only online – exactly what you don’t want your Resident Evil game to be. And it’s not surprising to see no one has been playing it in a couple of days from release.

1: No Man’s Sky

Well, you knew we were going to add this to the list. And we did it, of course because No Man’s Sky has resulted in one of the biggest disappointments ever in the video games industry. I really enjoyed the game, for a long time before I actually understood there was nothing beyond what you could look at from the very first minute you kicked off your adventure. The most disappointing thing is the lack of updates and the poor communication developer Hello Games (and founder Sean Murray) is going through. They’re acting like they stole our money and they know it, which is something they could just fix by providing some (good) news about the development of new content.