Top 7 Flop Announcements Of E3 2015: PS4 Exclusive Dreams, Project Morpheus, Mass Effect Andromeda and more

Uncharted Loses Another Director

Yesterday, we covered a feature on Top E3 2015 Announcements That Were Mind Blowing For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. Now, here comes the second part, it’s all about the Flop Announcements we had at this year’s E3 2015. So without much ado, here are 7 Flop Announcements of E3 2015.

Xbox One vs PS4



With people expecting a new chapter in the main Metroid Prime saga, Nintendo was only able to deliver a multiplayer co-op experience for Nintendo 3DS that has nothing to do with Samus Aran and her story. She won’t even be in the game as a playable character… Federation Force was so disappointing Nintendo fans worked on a petition they will eventually send to the publisher asking to cease the development. We don’t know if this will actually work, but what’s been given for sure by Nintendo is that a new Metroid Prime for home console would be coming on Nintendo NX and not on Wii U, since it’s too late in its lifecycle.


For the first time ever, E3 has its PC Gaming Show, hosted by the popular website PC Gamer and hardware manufacturer AMD. It was to be a spectacular show, something only for hardcore games who love PC, but it was just a David Letterman-like TV show where just a few, and not that amazing, announcements have been delivered. Just consider that the most important announcements came from Microsoft, with Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Killer Instinct coming to Windows 10 PCs, and Hello Games, that revealed No Man’s Sky is going to be available on PC and PlayStation 4 the same day. Next year PC gamers will absolutely deserve something more.


BioWare has spent the last few months teasing great news incoming for the Mass Effect series at E3 2015. What we have seen at Electronic Arts E3 2015 press conference is just the name of the game – finally – which is called Mass Effect Andromeda and a trailer with a couple of in-engine scenes, confirming among the other things the Mako will be back in the action (and so the exploration component will). Furthermore, the game will be out by the end of 2016. Really? Is this all we deserved after so much expectation and hype?


It was a bit disappointing to see that black screen and later Nathan Drake blocked on the place while the game was running ahead of his eyes. Those were actual freezes, I thought, then Naughty Dog’s Bruce Straley explained that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End didn’t crash at Sony E3 2015 press conference. He just was given a DualShock 4 that wasn’t working on the PlayStation 4 used for real-time demos, then he had to get another controller and power up by mistake a backup console which some good guy behind the scene connected to the main screen in the theater. We could say Uncharted 4’s E3 presentation has been more exciting than the actual game, from Straley’s perspective. Luckily enough, the game started and delivered an amazing live performance.


Microsoft has always had great partnerships with Western developers and publishers, especially in the years when it didn’t have enough first party studios. Nowadays, anyway, it feels Microsoft is relying on just first and second party developers/games, leaving to Sony all the third party enjoyment. For example: PlayStation E3 2015 press conference, where PS4 failed to provide new in-house games for this year, has been filled with Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Disney and others’ announcements. Even Activision has preferred to choose PlayStation as the “new home” of the Call of Duty series, publishing its DLCs and powering its tournaments first on PlayStation platforms. So, it looks clear that first and second party development is important, but something must be done for external partnerships, too, since those are the games people care about most.


I am not sure I understood what Dreams is. Media Molecule has made another of its announcements about user-generated contents, taking advantage of the light in the DualShock 4, this time around. The title will support Project Morpheus, too, even though nothing like that got displayed in the first gameplay scenes. And we’re yet to discover it the game will have some sort of campaign or solo mode, or will it just be limited to creating contents and sharing them on the PlayStation Network. We kindly would suggest Sony to showcase games when they are actual games and not “simple” ideas, but looks like someone never learns from its mistakes… Expect to see more at Paris Games Week later this year.


An actual name? A proper release date? Nothing like that happened at PlayStation E3 2015 press conference, where SCE CEO Andrew House just limited to name the device en passant and

announcing a new game by Guerrilla Cambridge, Rigs, is coming next year for the platform. It’s a multiplayer shooter arena, playable on the show floor at E3 2015. At this point, where Oculus VR has provided specifications for virtual reality to work only on high end PCs, we were expecting Sony to show something more concrete about Project Morpheus and make it clear it’s going to work amazingly on PlayStation 4 as promised. With 2016 being the supposed year of VR, our doubts about this technology never stop growing: of course, we hope to be wrong.