Top Five Video Game Villains We Secretly Like More Than The Lead Protagonist

Every game worth its salt needs a great antagonist. Through the years we have seen a ton of villains come and go. From those evil characters that seem to reoccur in each video game installment to just those that only appear once, these are some of our all time favorites. Being this is just a list of the top villains that we secretly love to hate, it will only hit certain characters that we personally enjoy here at Gamepur. With that said, please leave a comment and let us know which is your all time favorite video game villain and why!

Far Cry 3 Villain

5: Pyramid Head – Silent Hill

Silent Hill is filled with all things grotesque but there’s we enjoy the most from the series. The Silent Hill series is one of the franchises to pave the way for the survival-horror genre. Arguably, the second installment to the series, Silent Hill 2, has been a fan favorite and claimed as the best Silent Hill game to date. Not only did the story toss players into a world of mystery and confusion but a slew of new creatures kept us on the edge of our seats. Pyramid Head happens to be one of those creatures that left us terrified.

Pyramid Head features a large metal triangle contraption and constantly looks as if he is in pain. Standing several feet taller than your character, Pyramid Head doesn’t speak nor makes no attempt in conversing with you. Instead he roams the town with a giant sword or spear and attempts to strike you down or anyone else who happens to stumble into the otherworld of Silent Hill.

4: Dr. Robotnik – Sonic The Hedgehog

Did you see this one coming? Maybe is purely nostalgic but I had to place Dr. Robotnik the main villain from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. Doctor Eggman appears in just about every Sonic The Hedgehog video game where with his high IQ, develops machines in-order to conquer the world. The one thing that stands in his way just happens to be a blue haired hedgehog named Sonic. Sonic must stop Dr. Robotnik from enslaving the world and creating his ideal empire by destroying his crazy machines which in previous past video games seemed to always happen towards the end of every level.

3: Shao Kahn – Mortal Kombat

Shao Kahn first appeared in Mortal Kombat 2 after which he has been labeled by most as the main antagonist of the series. The character takes part as the ruler of the Outworld in where he looks to claim all the realms and merge them into the Outworld. Everyone who tried taking on Shao Kahn knows just how relentless he is. From brute strength to his different black magic abilities, defeating Shao Kahn is no easy task.

2: Vaas Montenegro – Far Cry 3

The Far Cry series has shown us a number of different villains but none so far has topped Vaas Montenegro. I mean, the character is beyond crazy and because of his insanity, we love him even more! Michael Mando really brought the character to life with his voice and motion capturing for Vaas. Players meet Vaas early into the game when you find yourself locked into a cage. Turns out that villain is looking to sell you into slavery but his whole demeanor really places the character firm into our list. Just take a look at Vaas Montenegro’s reveal trailer.

1: GLaDOS – Portal

What happens when some bad coding goes into a very intelligent AI? We’ll we get GLaDOS the main villain from Portal. Players take the role of Chell who has been kept captive and used for experiments with a little device known as the Portal Gun. Chell uses this gun to create portals thst allow you to navigate around the complex puzzled levels and ultimately escape from the clutches of GLaDOS. Though without GLaDOS the companion cube may not have been such a big hit outside of the game.