What if Microsoft is really bringing HoloLens on Xbox One? Some ideas about the new device for the augmented reality

At the latest Windows 10 keynote, Microsoft introduced HoloLens, a new device that will be able to combine elements from both VR and AR technologies. That presentation was first executed with a trailer, where Minecraft had a special place, too. Its presence suddenly shed a light over the possible use of the headset in the gaming world, more than in other fields such as Windows in a computer environment or research.

In fact, gamers are still wondering if Microsoft will ever show up some true applications of HoloLens on Xbox One and what could those applications bring effectively to gaming. Now that the HoloLens Studio Manager unveiled his implication with the Xbox division, we have at least one question answered: yes, the Redmond giant is indeed working on HoloLens for Xbox One.

Xbox One Hololens Demo

Daniel McCulloch says, in his LinkedIn profile, that he has actually been the leader of “four amazing experience/game studios within Xbox that create amazing consumer experiences for Microsoft HoloLens”.

Those studios include State of the Art (HoloLens on MARS), LXP (Build you own Holograms), Good Science (“secret stuff”), FIT (Holobuilder/Minecraft on HoloLens)… and one more secret project.

I was just wondering… what could this “secret project” be? Well, if you are expecting something realistic connect to the Xbox One, here you have my two cents: Xbox One dashboard presented in augmented reality. Anyway, that could be something really affordable for Microsoft’s console in terms of raw power and could be created easily in time for the launch of the peripheral. Nice, but that definitely wouldn’t change our worlds, and I don’t either know if there will be a special HoloLens just for Xbox or the one for PC would be compatible with the console.

From a gamer perspective, I would say this could fit well real-time strategy games or title with huge maps such as Skyrim or Final Fantasy XV, or more generally speaking RPGs. The real challenge would be implementing the device in something more than static situations, as we had all imagined at the arrival of Kinect. If Microsoft is going to treat this as a Kinect 3.0, then we can expect collections with sports and party games… and, quite frankly, a waste of the great potential HoloLens has let us see since its presentation. Hardcore gamers or those who have tried Kinect so far wouldn’t appreciate for sure.

I don’t think gaming needs (another) revolution, it’s just a matter of integrating great ideas in a world that already works pretty well. If Microsoft understands that, we can surely expect something brilliant to get out of this project.