What will be the price of AMD Ryzen Processor? Details so far

Intel dominates the world market with its high end Core i series processor released in respective of different generations. Most recent is Skylake and forthcoming is Kabylake. Whoever looking for a good performance system under mid and high range has to go with Intel Core i5 or i7 of latest generation. This is a clear Intel dominance on the chip market.

Now AMD has introduced its Zen architecture, a new platform to bring their new generation of processor line that promise to give higher performance compared to Intel’s leading processor. They had revealed a short test in their launch showing up how the new Ryzen processor at base frequency of 3.4 GHz is capable of winning the race in thin line against Core i7-6900K CPU with turbo boost enabled. So this was just a test and we had seen that the new chip really outperforms Intel’s leading processor. What next?

 AMD Ryzen

Well we are trying to locate the actual specification and cost of the CPU. AMD has officially announced it, but they had not distributed enough information, ample of information on the web is mere speculation about the chip. What we need to find is how well AMD’s Ryzen is reliable when it comes to real test. So in this article we are trying to compile as much information we can to tell you about Ryzen.

Specifications of AMD Ryzen desktop CPU released so far:-

  • Cores: 8-Core, 16 Threads
  • Base Frequency: 3.4Ghz
  • Boost Frequency: Unknown (One of the key details AMD is holding on for future reveal)
  • Cache : 20MB L2+L3 Cache
  • AMD SenseMI Technology
  • AM4 Platform required.

AMD AM4 Platform:-

The new AMD Ryzen processors will need AMD AM4 platform boards, sadly you won’t be able to use AMD Ryzen processors on your AM3 board, it is sad because i just bought MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard which has AM3+ socket, so yes to buy AMD Ryzen you’ll need to buy a new board as well. Few key highlights of AM4 platform are as follows:

  • DDR4
  • PCIe Gen 3
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2/NVMe/ Sata Express

What is SenseMI: Precision Boost / Pure Power/ Extended Frequency Range / Neural Net Prediction / Smart Prefetch:-

Though AMD has not revealed much about boosting Ryzen processor frequency, the SenseMI technology that will be a core part of the architecture talks about On-the-fly clock adjustment without halts or queue drains. Now this can be auto-tuning like Intel’s Turbo Boost, a manual but automatic frequency adjustment when a user’s needs more CPU power. AMD on the other side left this with the CPU itself that does not demand any user intervention. Depending on the factory clock rate, the CPU will adjust its frequency / power when required.

SenseMI empowers the CPU to fine tune frequency in 25MHz increments. A safe way to boost CPU power at lower level instead of 100 MHz, this will keep the processor low on heat and power. This is directly proportionate to choice of buying a cooler for the CPU. Whatever the factory coolers are offered, enough for the CPU to handle day to day operations, but for gaming and overclocking a better one or liquid cooler is vital. At the AMD launch event, we discovered the company is working on the boost part, they had promised 3.4 Ghz+ clock rate. With Smart Prefetch and Neural Net Prediction features it will anticipate the location of future data and future decisions.

What would be the price for AMD Reyzen?

Right now Intel Core i7-6900K CPU costs at $1100, Intel keeps price this high simply because it has no competition to its Core i7 Lineup, but with Reyzen, AMD has chance to rise again in the processor chip market. There are many speculations surrounding AMD Ryzen price, but logical thing would be for AMD to keep Reyzen price much lower to Intel, because on same price range people will simply select Intel because of its reliable brand and performance value. Keeping price low will also enable Intel to reduce price of Its Core i7 lineup, I’m sure Intel must already be preparing for an answer to Ryzen once it comes to market. Ideal price would be to keep for AMD Ryzen is between $500 to $600, AMD might earn much less with such pricing but It will at least have chance to gain Market control for chip market. Let’s hope AMD’s marketing team doesn’t mess this up completely and Ryzen will be in an affordable price range.

Final Words:

AMD Ryzen at base frequency of 3.2Ghz delivered the benchmarking performance slightly better than Intel’s Core-i7 6900K boosted at 3.7Ghz with power efficiency of 95W TDP in comparison with 140W TDP of Intel’s Core-i7 6900K, which is pretty impressive to expect from AMD processor, it proves indeed Zen is brand new chip architecture from scratch, a fresh approach to Chip market by AMD.

Comparison to its older CPU architecture, AMD claims Zen would be 40% more efficient without much disturbing the energy cycle. Better Core Engine, Better Cache System and Lower Power are the primary factors that make Zen the best from AMD.