Windows 10 Tips For Gamers: How To Save Your Bandwidth And Do A Clean Install

Windows 10 is revealing to be a great operative system from Microsoft, managing to finally mix the Metro interface, which revolutionized Windows 8, and the good things that came from Windows 7. It’s a fast and light system, that you can even apply to older computers, and it has new features that you will look forward to try, such as the games streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PC or the Xbox app. Something that’s simply great for gamers.

Windows 10 Xbox App


Of course, Windows 10 has its cons too. For example, did you know it automatically uses your bandwidth to create a peer-to-peer sharing network? Pretty similar to Torrent, Microsoft thought that you would enjoy helping others download faster their Windows updates… but we don’t think you really would, especially when playing online games with your PC or Xbox One… or whatever.

Windows 10 Xbox Gamers Tip To Save Bandwidth

Here’s how you can turn this thing off.

Hit your Windows key on your keybaord and type “Windows update settings.” Click on the top option, which also reads “Windows update settings.” Click on the green, highlighted words that read “Advanced options.” Now, click on “Choose how updates are delivered.” Either turn this feature off completely, and do what I did and set it to only share with other computers on your network. This can be helpful in case you want to fasten the updating process to your family members only.


The only legit way to do a clean install from the startup is to pay for a copy of Windows 10. Since we know you don’t want to pay for a copy of Windows 10, and even though we still suggest you to upgrade your Windows 7/8 build, here’s your free path to do a clean install when you have already upgraded to the new OS from Microsoft.

Hit your Windows key, type “Windows update settings,” and click on that option in the menu. On the left hand side, choose the “Recovery” tab. Choose the “Reset this PC” option. Then select how you want to proceed: Windows 10 can keep some of your files, if you desire so.

Windows 10 Xbox App Clean Install Tip


You can increase your computer’s performances by cleaning up your hard drives, so you might need to know a way to do it without doing a clean install at all.

Ok, then. Hit the Windows key on your keyboard and type “Disk cleanup.” Hit the “Disk cleanup” option at the top of the start menu. Choose the drive that hosts your primary Windows folder. This is probably C:\, but it should also say “Windows”, then click ok.

Windows 10 Xbox Gamers Tip For Clean HDD

Select “Clean up system files” on the bottom left of the menu. Once again, select your Windows drive and hit OK. In this new list, you can just go with the default cleanup or you can also delete your previous Windows installations, if you’re not willing to get to Windows 7 or 8 anytime.