WWE 2K18 Interview – Missing Features On Nintendo Switch, Roster Size And More


WWE 2K18 is all set to release worldwide on October 17 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it will launch on Nintendo Switch in Q4 2017 – a first time in 5 years that a new WWE game will release on Nintendo platform. We recently got it touch with a 2K representative and talked about some of the important aspects of WWE 2K18 – such as what are the features in WWE 2K18 that Nintendo Switch owners are going to miss, the exact roster size of WWE 2K18, why 2K Sports took 5 years to bring back WWE video game on Nintendo platform, and many other things. Let’s get straight to the answers of the 2K Sports representative.

WWE 2K18 Interview

Gamepur – WWE 2K18 announcements was very well received by critics and fans. However, it was short-lived once it was revealed that Switch version of WWE 2K18 will support just 6 characters onscreen at once (2 short of what the game supports on Xbox One, PS4, and PC). what are the other features that are Either MISSING or have been cut a bit from Nintendo Switch version of WWE 2K18? [Questions Asked by a Readers]

2K Sports: The goal for WWE 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch is to deliver the same experience as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the Nintendo Switch platform, including the same game modes, features, and overall experience. We are going to make some important WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch announcements soon, so please stay tuned for the latest information.

Gamepur – The last WWE game that was released on a Nintendo platform was WWE 13 (the last WWE game published by THQ), what took 2K Sports this long to support a Nintendo platform

with a new WWE video game (First Time In 5 Years A New WWE Game On Nintendo Platform)?

2K Sports – We can’t get into details about past business and development decisions, but we’re happy to be back on a Nintendo platform and share WWE 2K18 with Nintendo Switch consumers this fall.

Gamepur – The MyCareer mode in WWE 2K18s is going to be more Concise and narrative-driven with the addition of Road to Glory. So far the details that you guys have shared hints that Road to Glory mode is going to be a sort of in-game online companion for the actual MyCareer mode. With the release of WWE 2K18 just a few weeks away can you spill beans on what exactly “Road to Glory” in WWE 2K18 and it is going to work in MyCareer mode.

2K Sports – Road To Glory is a brand new gameplay experience for your MyPLAYER. Now you can compete online against other MyPLAYERs on your quest for greatness in WWE PPV events. We recently released a cool trailer and comprehensive blog detailing many things that fans can look forward to in Road To Glory. You can check these out here: The ROAD TO GLORY Trailer And Information.

Gamepur – 5 – Last but not the least Roster size – you guys have been living up to the fans expectations on roster size every year. Last year's game roster size was 156 SuperStars (including DLC), what the roster size is going to be for this year’s game – crossing 200 marks?

2K Sports – WWE 2K18 has the largest roster in WWE games history, with nearly 200 WWE Superstars, Legends, and Hall of Famers available in the game!

I also enquired about the Resolution/FPS at which WWE 2K18 is going to run on Nintendo Switch (in both docked and handle mode), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Sadly, I didn’t receive a response for it. There is a possibility that the upcoming “Some Important WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch announcements” that the representative talked about is going to be on this topic only. Stay tuned as we will update you with more information the moment it is made available.