Xbox One S Vs Xbox One – 5 Key Differences Before You Buy


At E3 2016, Microsoft Reveals the Brand new console – Xbox One S and the rumors come true about the slimmer project. We all have seen the Physical Difference between the two, but is it more powerful? Worth buying? What is the Life and the Support? What happens to the Xbox One? Well, we are here to solve each and every doubt, as we are going to talk about the 5 Key differences you must know before you buy one of these consoles.

5 Key Differences Before You Buy

Three years since the Xbox One was launched and when we hear about the new console we all expect to be at least double the powerful than the previous one or at least have a life that it will support all the games. Based on all the Queries we have gathered these Key points and so without any further ado, let’s begin with the Difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S.

5 Key Differences Before You Buy

Physical Change

When we Focus on Physical Change then it’s not about the Size, but also Body and Shape. We all know the Slimmer version of Xbox One – called S must be small and powerful. Did you know that Xbox One S console has a plenty of ventilation for the Console to keep it Running cool? The Power adapter of the Original Xbox One is almost quarter of the size of the New One S as they have now shifted the power supply inside the console. So a Good Ventilation and Compact Power Supply make it Short and sweet.


Turns out the One S has a Raw GPU and CPU power for the forthcoming games that will run in HDR. The Performance will be focusing more on frame rates along with the graphics to be displayed. The in-depth performance changes are not out yet but we are sure they will make a good difference from the original Xbox One console.

No Kinect Port, But

The One S removes of the dedicated Kinect port from the console, which might turn our to be a huge loss to the owners with the Kinect Sensors. If you still want to use it then you can simply use them via USB adapter(sold separately). The Good news is the Kinect Port is replaced by the IR blaster which is can be used to control your other devices like TV, Cable, Audio/Video Receiver or other devices. We think this is to reduce the number of remotes we use for different devices.

New Features

The One S has a 4K built Ultra HD Blu-ray built-in which can support all the 4K video playback for streaming Netflix, Amazon and much more. As we know the Console is starting from $299 all the users are happy as it gives a brilliant value compared to rest of the UHD player which cost more than $400. The Support output rate from the previous console is also double – Xbox One supports 4K gaming with HDMI 1.4a port at 30Hz while the One S supports 4K gaming with HDMI 2.0a port at 60Hz. Also, the One S is capable of Upscaling games to 4K.

New Controller

A brand new Controller with a new textured grip, changeable color covers, and extended range makes it one satisfying Controller. The Controller comes with Bluetooth and can be purchased separately. The Increased range of the controller is what makes every player happy.


These where the Main Key Features we wanted you all to know before you buy a Xbox Console. Our Vote is for Xbox One which all whole lot better than its predecessor. Not only by the size or performance but with the newly added 4K features and 4K Game scaling. The Xbox One will still support all the games that you can play in One S which adds new features. For now One S wins the Day until the Project Scorpio is Revealed.

Xbox One S Details:

  • Price: Starts From $ 299
  • Output Resolution: 720p, 1080p, 4K (HDR)
  • Storage: 500GB / 1TB / 2TB
  • WiFi: Dual band, 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Ports: HDMI 2.0a, S/PDIF, USB 3.0, IR blaster
  • Power Supply: Internal