Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: 1080p or Death? You Should Look At The Uniquenesses Of The Hardware

Gamers know how to be strange. I mean, we are talking about graphics and resolution from months, and all the guys on the Internet are explaining their position with something like “oh man, who cares about 1080p?” ­ A good position, one would say. We are isolating users that don’t think like that, we are calling them fanboys or just poor kids that don’t understand where the true greatness of the video game medium is. Then you read the latest Nielsen survey and discover that, yes, resolution matters.

Xbox One vs PS4 vs Wii U

Based on the Nielsen survey, resolution is infact the first factor gamers consider when choosing PlayStation 4 instead of Xbox One. Furthermore, thanks to this survey we discover that Xbox 360 users have passed to the new Sony console instead of “remaining loyal” to Microsoft. This means that Xbox 360 users became fans of Microsoft just because of PlayStation 3’s issues in supporting graphics on par with its competitors in the first years of the lifecycle. So most fanboys, we learn, are not supporters of one particular brand: they are just standing in the same side of the “winners”.

On top of that, we could get back to the early stages of the new generation of consoles. Xbox One has been available for more than a year and since the day one has used us to graphics limited to the resolution of 900p. Developers have been admitting to have an issue with the devkits released by Microsoft, that had to rush the launch in order to compete from holiday 2013 with Sony, and have finally received more support in the last few weeks. That is resulting in the full potential of the platform at software houses’ disposal (no more resources assigned to Kinect by default) and will be resulting in the long awaited DirectX 12.

Even though ­ it seems ­ it is about to reach an end, the phenomenon known as Resolutiongate (first identified with Call of Duty: Ghosts, after the initial criticism over Ryse: Son of Rome) has had an impact over the consumers, that chose the resolution of 1080p as the most important factor while choosing which console to buy. We could synthesize this opinion talking generally about the graphics and the raw power.

My opinion, instead, is that both console will give satisfaction from a technological point of view to their owners. It doesn’t look so believable to say that platforms standing in the same generation can have so many and so much important differences to determine the overall quality of a game, or the possibility to have a particular game on a particular hardware.

Consumers should look at the specific possibilities, at the uniqueness of a platform while choosing on which of them to invest their money. At this moment, I must admit it is hard to state those uniqueness, as both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have tried their ways to stand above the competitor. Microsoft tried to change the gaming world twice with Kinect, both failing, while PlayStation 4 was the clear effort of Sony to get back on the top of gamers’ desires after many mistakes made in the PS3 era. So their communication strategy was simple, loud and clear: we are only talking about the games.

But… we are still waiting for them. Xbox One has so far had a better first and second party portfolio, in my own opinion, as Sony has been following the path of the indie gaming support ­too much. I think we have yet to see what PS4 has to offer, other than a title that tries and tell a story while completely forgetting the gameplay.

Which do you think are the most peculiar features of both the hardwares? Tell us in the comments section.