Xbox One Won Nov 2014 Against PS4 But Microsoft Incur Massive Loss Still They Are Smiling, Here’s Why

November 2014. Apparently, Microsoft managed to move over 1,240,000 Xbox One consoles while Sony only managed 840,000 units so with that said, it would be a wonder on how Microsoft took the loss. Read on and find out why Microsoft took a hit to pass up Sony and why we suspect the company is still smiling from the Xbox One success.

Xbox One vs PS4

November was a big month and the same can be said with December and January. The holidays are rolling in the right direction around the corner and families all over are getting that last minute shopping done. From the latest reports so far, it would seem that there will be more Xbox One consoles under the tree this year than Sony’s PlayStation 4. This massive push is mainly due to the console matching the PlayStation 4 in price point. When we toss bundles into the mix, we get a better understanding as to how Microsoft took the hit but managed to raise sales.

Microsoft’s Xbox One costs $400 to produce and thanks to the holidays, there are bundles galore to choose from. These bundles vary in price but essentially gamers are getting more for their buck leaving a deficit Microsoft has to take. Though since the holiday shopping season is still going on, Microsoft will still be taking a hit but as of right now, they have at least took a $50 million hit moving these Xbox One units.

This isn’t a bad thing though and I’m sure Microsoft will agree to that. This deficit is easily covered thanks to Microsoft’s deep pockets but more importantly, Microsoft is looking forward to regain that lead over Sony. Because the PlayStation 4 had an early lead, also pleased gamers with their DRM standards from the start and offered the console at launch for $100 less than the Xbox One, Microsoft had quite a bit of work ahead of them.

Next-Gen Has Just Started, Long Battle Ahead, Exclusive Games Important

Now the Xbox One is on even grounds (with respect to price point ‘in fact for Holiday Season Xbox One price is $350, whereas PS4’s is still $399’, DRM feature and many other features) and Microsoft can start working on bringing out incredible exclusive video game titles on the market (Halo 5: Guardians, Quantum Break, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fable: Legends, and Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer has already stated that their Fall & Holiday 2015 Is CRAZY and so crowded that they might have to thing of delaying some to make room). After all, when it comes down to it, video games make or break consoles and it seems to be clear that Microsoft is looking at the long term game. We should be seeing some interesting exclusive title announcements and some new services to sway more gamers to the Xbox One.

How many of you think that Microsoft will be able to keep the momentum against PlayStation 4 going ahead in 2015? Early PlayStation 4 exclusive line-up looks pretty great: “The Order: 1886, Bloodborne” and others.