Destiny 2

  • Pachter Talks About TitanFall 2, Watch Dogs 2 And Destiny 2

    Wedbush Securities Analyst Michael Pachter in a recent inteview to GameTrailers commented on future of gaming industry and whether publishers/developers will keep releasing sequels after sequels for new IP for PS4 and Xbox One.

    Michael PachterPachter said that numerous developers saved new IPs such as "Destiny, Watch Dogs and Titanfall" for next-gen consoles. He furher that the IP which will sell the most will get lot of sequel for next-gen consoles as in the case of previous gen-console.

    Michael Pachter said: "I think that each of the publishers who are still around saved up new IP for this generation. You got the ‘Watch Dogs,’ you got the ‘Destiny,’ you got the ‘TitanFall’ that are launching. They’re not next-gen console exclusive but they’re launching into next-gen. I think that the creative people haven’t stop coming up with great ideas."

    "So I actually think that the next three or four years you will actually see a lot of next IP. Then the ones that worked are going to get sequel to death. That’s just the pattern that works."

    Out of these three new IPs, TitanFall will launch first on March 11, followed by Destiny and Watch Dogs. Furthermore we have already received an indirect confirmation of potential sequels from publishers of all these games.