Super Mario Party

  • Here's every character and their dice in Super Mario Party

    Unlike previous games in this series, every character has their own unique dice to use in-game alongside the standard six-sided dice. Each dice has its fair share of advantages and weaknesses, with some being better than others.

  • How to unlock Challenge Mode in Super Mario Party

    At first glance, it can seem like there's no campaign or story mode for the solo players to enjoy when they want to step away from the hectic boards or online matches. Thankfully, there is such a mode available—and it's called Challenge Mode.

  • How to unlock Master difficulty in Super Mario Party

    After you have completed everythig in Super Mario Party (gems, challenges, and everything), you can go ahead an unlock Master Difficulty - a new setting where you will encounter much toughest CPUs. In this Super Mario Party Master Difficulty Unlock guide, we have listed the steps you need to follow to unlock it.

  • What's in the red pipe in Super Mario Party and how do I open it?

    In Super Mario Party, you will find a lone red pipe with a Piranha Plant, it is situated to the left of the main stage. To Open/Unblock this red pipe in Super Mario Party, you will have to perform a specific task. In this Super Mario Party Red Pipe guide, we have explained you what's this Red Pipe is and how to open it.

  • How to unlock the four secret unlockable characters in Super Mario Party

    Super Mario Party has 4 secret playable characters. To unlock these 4 secret characters in the game, players will have to complete certain objectives. In this Super Mario Party Secret Character Unlock guide, we have listed the details of the all objectives and which character gets unlocked.

  • Super Mario Party Review: May Luck Be On Your Side

    In Super Mario Party, the series returns to its roots by ditching the linear cart experience that was introduced in Mario Party 9. Instead, it brings back the classic board layout that has been painfully missing from the past couple of titles.