The 8 best and funniest Genshin Impact memes

Take a break from your Genshin journey and enjoy these memes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Apart from delivering a fantastic storyline and thrilling gaming experience, Genshin Impact has yielded many hilarious memes. Whether you are a casual player or a Genshin fanatic, these memes will make you chuckle. If you are a game fan looking to blow off steam, check out the eight best Genshin Impact memes we’ve collected below.

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Leveling up is a hassle

It’s no secret that leveling up can be a real struggle in Genshin Impact, especially in the game’s later stages. Although there are plenty of avenues to earn XP in the game, it can get repetitive and mundane quickly. Any player aiming to reach AR 60, or is already fully leveled up, will know it takes more than just regular playing to achieve that accolade. By the end, you will likely be out of energy, and there will be little joy in reaching AR 60.

Welcome to the jungle

The much anticipated Sumeru region is finally coming to life in Genshin Impact, and we can expect a whole lot of trees there. Based on the Dendro element, the people of Sumeru worship the God of Wisdom, the Lesser Lord Kusanal. If you thought Inazuma was hard to navigate, wait for Sumeru, which should come with its own set of challenging terrains and confusing paths. Furthermore, expect a flourishing flora and fauna in the region.

No idea what is happenning

Venturing into the vast world of Genshin Impact can be a daunting experience, especially if you are new to the game. There are so many concepts to grasp, and it can quickly get overwhelming. On the other hand, few players are cruising through the game and seem to be a master at just about everything.

Always the case

Like every gacha game, landing your favorite character in Genshin Impact can be very difficult. There is no guaranteed way of obtaining your favorite character other than if it is given out for free during an event. Although for every 90 pulls, you get a free five-star, it is not guaranteed to be the featured character. Instead, there is a high chance it could be Qiqi, one of the game’s least popular 5-star characters.

Struggle is real

Although gaming is usually meant for entertainment, it can sometimes become a chore. This is also the case for many Genshin Impact players attempting to clear Spiral Abyss challenges regularly. These challenges are the hardest part of the entire game, and clearing them consistently can frustrate many players.

Free stuff is always appreciated

Primogems, which allow you to summon different banners, are the rarest resource in the game. Apart from spending real money to buy Primogems, they are mostly awarded for reaching milestones and completing different missions. Once you reach the game’s late stages and have claimed most of the milestone Primogems, getting free Primogems from HoYoverse becomes more valuable and often puts you on cloud 9.

Question for the ages

Since Paimon’s debut in the game, she has been a fan favorite for her quirky yet hilarious personality. Paimon’s loyalty towards Traveler can’t be questioned as a true companion and a great friend. That said, it’s always fun to call her “Emergency food” rather than a good friend between dialogues.

New kid on the block

Pantalone is the Ninth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, who was recently introduced in Genshin Impact. The mysterious character is the wealthiest amongst all Harbingers and has an ideology centered around making the Snezhnaya the financial capital of Tevyat. Regardless, this meme template has been circulating on the internet for a while, and it only made sense to have one for Genshin Impact as well.