Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Walkthrough : Campaign and Side Ops Missions

metal gear solid v ground zeroes

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is an action-adventure stealth game which is developed by Kojima Productions and produced by Konami. Ground Zeroes occurs after Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker which is a part of the sub-series of prequels in the Metal Gear series. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes acts as the only prolog to the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

In an attempt to rescue Cipher agent Paz Ortega Andrade and Sandinista child soldier Ricardo "Chico" Valenciano Libre, the story of Ground Zeroes follows Big Boss to stop him from infiltrating a fictional American black site in Cuba know as Camp Omega.

metal gear solid v ground zeroes

While playing Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, gamers can select missions in any order they like and can decide the course of events by doing so. Players are also introduced to new methods of sneaking and traversal methods.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was not be released as an individual game originally, it was supposed to release along with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain but extended time in the development of this game eventually resulted in director Hideo Kojima splitting Metal Gear Solid V into two parts as he wanted player to get an early access to Metal Gear Solid V.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes received the positive critical response and was praised for its mechanics, voice-acting, story, and graphics, with criticism aimed towards its short length.

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Technical Details:

It is available only for Xbox 360/One or PlayStation 3/4 consoles. You can buy a DVD or download it from PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace for your respective Console. Game requires minimum of 2 GB HD space and it's not possible to install it on external drive or pen drive.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Modes Details:

  • Singleplayer: Yes
  • Multiplayer: No
  • Offline co-op: No
  • Online co-op: No

Extracting Chico

You will have to pass the lookout tower and hide behind the rock to avoid spotlight. Approach the tower, climb the whole rock and go along the edge right into the base. You will have to kill the guard as you go near the tower. After you reach there you will have to hide behind the bushes and wait for the vehicle to pass. You should avoid the guard's sight and head to the next tower.

Till you see a guardhouse go along the fence and hide in it, a guard will try to stop you, kill him or try to avoid him, but if you want to rescue the captives do not kill the guard. Go along the shoreline towards the tower, you can locate all the prisoners and enemies from here. The entrance to Chico's cell is located on the other side of the camp; you will have to go down there.

You should start rescuing the prisoners once you reach the other side of the fence. As you resque these prisoners, carry them along the shore to the landing zone which will be marked with a white circle on the map. Then call the helicopter using iDroid with the help of a helicopter icon in the first tab and then by pointing it to the place where it should land.

Now there will be two situations in front of you, either rescue Chico or a prisoner which is going to be executed. Rescuing the prisoner is optional but should be done at that moment only. To complete the mission you will have to rescue Chico. Go to the base after that.

Rescuing Paz

In this mission a truck will be waiting for you on the crossroads, to avoid being spotted, jump and lay flat on it, this will help you go through the gate easily.

If you are late and did not see the truck, kill the enemy which will be near the wall. Then go to the opposite side of the road and hide in the tents. Next you will see the barracks. You have to reach the main base by taking shelter in the buildings and trying to reach to the courtyard which will be in front of the main base. You will have to go over the fence by, staying low or by crawling whenever you are noticed and reach the red door on the left. Near the street lamp you will find the ventilation shaft, you can use this too.

Behind the red door, there will be a fence near the power controls. You can disable the cameras of the whole building by using one of the uncovered generators. If you get here by truck, go between a building and the wall around the base.

There will be a warehouse with raised foundations behind the fence, go under it and wait till the nearby guard is sent to fix the power. You should kill that guard if the power is back or the mission becomes very difficult to complete.

When you go to the neighbouring building, start to crawl halfway upon the building, as one of the guards will be looking your way. Try to distract him or kill him and then climb the stairs. On the other side of the stairs you will find a guard, if you are not quick enough he will come up in your direction. Be ready with your non-lethal weapon, you must hide his body behind the building. Then jump the yellow barrier and watch out for guards. You can wait till he moves o away or kill him. Go to the other side of the corridor where there will be machines on your right. Go behind the passage.

At the end of the next room you will find Paz. There will be no guards in the room if you reach there without activating the alarm, but if you were noticed there will be nearly 3 guards waiting for you. If you go behind the machines you can get rid of these guards easily. Paz cannot be rescued if the alarm is active.

Carry Paz on your shoulder and go for the exit, in the corridor you will see two guards. Wait for them to finish talking. One of the guards will start to come your way. Hide till he reaches you and as he comes near, finish him off. 

Escape variant number 1

The landing zone is next to the base, so you can also escape through the helicopter. First kill all the soldiers in this area so that the don’t shoot the helicopter, while doing so if you did not raise an alarm there will be an empty armored vehicle, by which you can kill many guards. This may result in a low score and you may not get the S rank as you have killed too many soldiers.

Escape variant number 2

While going back you will see 2 guards walking down the stairs. You can return unnoticed using the same way by which you arrived. When you turn left, you will see two guards on the stairs. Go behind the machinery and hide until they go away.

You will see a guard on top of the stairs; use your silent pistol to kill this guard. Go behind the building again and escape the base through the red door. You can now return the same way you came or straight to where you started this mission. If you go along the refugee camp you will face less guards, you can accomplish this mission easily if you chose this way. If you managed to kill many guards when coming to the base, the way back to the coast will not be guarded.

Escape variant number 3

You can even use the truck to escape. It will we standing at the same place if you used it to get to the base. If you came the other way it will be parked in the courtyard which is outside the base. But you can be spotted easily if you are escaping this way as the truck is not durable as you can be spotted through the wind-shield. Try to seat the prisoner on the passenger’s seat.

The convict

If you want to rescue the convict go to the tents near the starting point, this is the refugee camp. You will find the convict lying next to the trunk near toilets. There will be 3 guards surrounding him. It is best to knock them out if you don't want to be noticed. If you want to distract their attention, you can throw the magazine in the direction of the tents and then approach the convict.

The fastest way to rescue the convict is to call a helicopter at the place where you started the mission. After you successfully rescue him you get the "Rescue" achievement and a cassette Chico's Tape 4.

To rescue others, open the cells and take them to the landing zone. Rescuing others can give you a higher score and you may also get the S rank.

Eliminate the Renegade Threat

The objective is to kill 2 agents. If an alarm is raised by you, the agents will escape the base. So first kill the guard on the cliff, then approach the base. This mission will start where you have escorted the prisoners, during this whole mission; you can escort the prisoners any time as this is optional.

Get down on the grass and wait till the vehicle with guards passes. Kill the patrolling guard and go to the opposite side of the road and go between the tents.

There will be 2 bodyguards with the first agent, going towards the refugee camp. If you are quick and precise enough, you can kill or tranquillize them all. Sneak behind them when they will be between the tents, now other guards won’t be able to see them and you can easily take your shot. It is necessary to kill the agent. If you do not have your lethal weapon, kill him by using a knife after you tranquillize him.
You need to find a Cassette Tape. It will be at the warehouse which has a red door. The warehouse will be at the east of the steel tower.
Head to the main base and get in through the red door of the ventilation shaft. The armored vehicle can also be used but be careful as you have to be unnoticed.

You need to disrupt the power inside the base to turn-off the cameras. You will find the second agent in the administration tower. Carefully climb the ladder by the wall and the courtyard and kill the guards.

The agent you need to kill is a black man with glasses. After you are done with him, you can escape by road or helicopter. To escape quickly use the vehicle and go to the western gate. You will at a higher risk of raising an alarm but even if you lose a few points, you can save a lot of important time. It is not necessary to kill the agents in the order described above, but when if you follow it, there are lesser chances of raising an alarm. This will also prevent soldiers from looking for the agents.

For additional points, rescue prisoners before ending the mission. In the western part of the map, near the shoreline, there are cells of prisoners. There will be a barbed wire around it. If you did not raise an alarm, these cells will be guarded by 1-2 guards. The rescued guards can be carried to a place where helicopter can land.

There is one more way to complete this mission. You can kidnap the agents, by doing this the "Depth" achievement can be unlocked. After tranquillizing the agent, carry him to the landing zone. You can even go to the western edge of the map after killing the guard on the steel tower.

Keep the agent inside the helicopter after calling for it. Now go for the second agent, he will be inside the tower or the courtyard.

At the base near generators you will see a car, put the second unconscious agent in the passenger's seat and leave through the main gate by using a switch on your left to open the gate. Go to the eastern gate as fast as possible and avoid the guards. You can escape easily without trouble. If you do all this, fast you can get the S rank.

Intel Operative Rescue

In this mission you have to shoot at the base to cover the target. By using the non-lethal weapon through the mission will help you unlock "Pacifist" achievement. You need to avoid deaths so shoot careful as the guards on the rooftops may fall and die due to your bullets. You need to localize an ally under fire when you reach the prison. Kill the soldiers before they kill your friends. Enemy reinforcements will arrive, you need to get rid of the drivers as, if the vehicle hits your target, mission will fail.

Take the RGP which will be near the wall, use it if you want to unlock the achievement. Shoot thrice to eliminate the vehicle. Clear the area for the helicopter. Don't kill any guards with the explosion as it won’t unlock the "Pacifist" achievement. Use the RGP for the soldiers in the base but use only non lethal weapon, helicopter will come in sometime.

Classified Intel Acquisition

You will be on a truck in the beginning of the mission, leave the truck when you reach the tower next to the refugee camp. Use the spotlight on top of the tower; look out for the guards coming your way.

You will see the target by using binoculars; your target is an informer. You have to make contact with him. You will see him with another guard, kill the guard. After a cut-scene, go to the main base to get the tape which will be at the central guard tower.

There will be no other guards in this mission. Try to disconnect the power or destroy the camera situated above the entrance. The tape will be in the desk. If you where fast you will find the truck in which you started, in the main base. Get on the truck and wait for it to leave. You can leave the base using the helicopter or any vehicle from the base and drive through the border of the map to be quick. If you are interested in the S rank, rescue the prisoners whose cells are located at the shoreline. All this will take lot of time though.

If you want to unlock the "infiltration" achievement in this mission you can use the truck. You can get the S rank by not raising an alarm and using the check point.

Ride on the truck to get inside the base and hide between the building and the wall. Use the ladder to reach the tower and take the tape which is a collectible i.e. "Agent's Recording".

If you are playing in the Hard mode you will only have a pistol with you. Take a gun from the soldier after knocking him out to destroy the camera or take the tape without being spotted, for doing so disable the power before entering the tower. Now go underground to the lower base to collect another tape, interrogate the soldier who will be near the generators. Doing this twice will make him drop the tape. Take it and go to the base.

Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements

You will start this mission in the southern part of the map on the rocks. There are 4 AA guns marked on the map, you have to destroy 3 of them. You can place C4 on these guns and detonate them after you reach a safe distance. You will see an armoured vehicle after the explosion destroy that with C4 or grenades. Plant mines at the entrance of the main base; you will get these mines from the warehouse which is at the right of the steel tower. Place a C4 at the entrance to get rid of the armoured vehicle. You can use the RGP from one of the guards near the barracks, to destroy the target. Your aim will be achieved. You can also rescue a special prisoner and 3 others with him. He will be at the same place where you found PAZ. If you rescue him you will get the cassette Chico's Tape 7. Look for this prisoner beneath the base and take him to the landing zone. You will get the "Extraction" achievement if you manage to free the prisoners from the shoreline and undergrounds. Another way is to go to the lower base through the red door and then to the opposite side of the courtyard to the right wall. You will see a truck here, you can use it too.

If you want to rescue all the prisoners, place the C4 for destroying the guns, do not detonate them. Rescue the prisoners then destroy the AA guns. Now will have 3 minutes to get out of the base.

Another way to complete this mission is to use the fourth AA gun. First of all destroy the gun at the west of the base, then take the gun closest to the starting point to destroy other guns. You can get rid of the armoured vehicle also. Leave the base.

Jamais Vu

Or the "Deja Vu" mission on PlayStation, its objective is to kill the Snatchers who are disguised as Marine soldiers. There will be 12 guards, all of whom you need to at least tranquillize if not kill. Get on the tower near the base, the guard standing there is a human, so don’t kill him. Kill the Snatcher which will be shown by the guard.

By using binoculars from the tower you will see a Snatcher standing near the spotlight of the next tower.
After you get rid of all the Snatchers an ally helicopter will approach. You will also see 2 enemies approaching from south. They will be carrying an RPG, kill them.

You will now see a group of Snatchers coming from the main gate, shoot them all with RGP. Shoot the helicopter too using an RGP. Your helicopter will point out Snatchers with the help of a spotlight. One of the will be standing on the administration tower, holding a reflector. After you are done with the Snatcher, your helicopter will land and the mission will end ones you are inside it.

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