Watch Dogs extra content details including Breakthrough, Palace, White Hat and Signature Shot DLC Packs

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs was released on the 27th of May this year, most of the gamers are on the verge of finishing this game, if about-to-finish-Watch-Dogs feeling is creating sadness in you then there is a ray of hope. Every great game will end but not not necessary will that feeling be sad. Get the following DLC packs to prolong your Watch Dogs gameplay:

Watch Dogs DLC PAcks

Breakthrough Pack

There will be a secret meeting between The Chicago Club and Corporate CEOs. To block the surveillance devices, the Club has put some scramblers to work. Your aim is to find these scramblers and take them down. Also reveal all the names of the people attending this meeting. The whole mission will be of around 15 extra minutes.
You will be rewarded with Vehicle expert perk. You can get free vehicles from your Underground Car Contact and discounts on select cars.

Palace Pack

Break inside a huge palace to wipe out personal details of thousands of people including Aiden Pearce. You have to wipe all the data and escape before a formal police raid begins. The whole mission will be of around 20 extra minutes.
When you complete this DLC mission, you will be rewarded with Investigation Bonus and ATM hack boost

Signature Shot

The chief of the Viceroys has smuggled a biometrics weapon into the city. This weapon will only work for the first person who will hold it. You have to steal this weapon and hold it first. The whole mission will be of around 20 extra minutes. You will get Black Viceroys gang colors outfit and a Biometric Assault rifle on completion of this mission. 

White Hat Pack

White Hat Pack is for PlayStation and Deluxe Digital Edition for PC. It includes 4 missions which will reveal more information about DedSec. These missions will increase your gameplay by 60 minutes. You will get the White Hat Hacker Outfit and HACK BOOST.


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