Fixes for Thief PC black screen, graphics issues, crashing, sound issues

Thief  PC crashes

There is an awesome discount being offered on Square Enix's Thief: 50% discount. If you dont own a copy of Thief yet, go ahead and start your Thiefing! But before you do that, take a look at the following guide to be equipped with solutions in case you face some of the common crash issues.

Thief  PC crashes


If our PC is randomly crashing while playing Thief, the first thing to do is update video card drivers and then on check the integrity of game cache. If the issue persist disable your anti-virus or firewall programs. Be sure that you dont browse any unsafe sites during this period. Also check for latest available patches and install them, restart Steam if your game dosent get patched automatically. 

Black screen

Press ALT+Enter to play Thief in framed window. It should work like screen refresh, if you still see the black screen, try to back up your saved flies and then delete them. Lastly check Steam for your game cache.

50% Time Fade 

If the fade capacity is stuck at 50% open the config folder in the Thief\Thief Game. Then look for ThiefEngine.ini file and open it with any word editor.  find lines starting with mInv, mHealth and mFocus. Now set their value to 0.0f. Save file and start you game, the 50% Time Fade problem will be solved.

Graphics issues

Setting Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing to a high value can result in graphics issue, keep these settings as low as possible. Close the other background apps and also update your DirectX drivers.

Menu button not visible

This funny disappearance can be caused if your drivers are not updated. Update your video card drivers to slove this issue.

Mouse lag 

Open the config folder in the Thief\Thief Game. Then look for BaseEngine.ini file and open it with any word editor. Find OneFr and set it to false save file and start you game.

Sound issues

All you need to do is turn off V-sync. If your feel that the dialogues are getting delayed, try to change the language. Also check for audio output device for performance issues.

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