How to improve Xbox One image refresh rate to solve slow images and videos problem

Xbox One

When the image on your Xbox One console appears to be slow to refresh, your screen is stuck at a low refresh rate. Sometime image is laggy, though the audio works in a perfect condition. If you face such a situation, you need to refresh your console. Here is a how to restart Xbox One when you experience image shutter or slow refresh.

Xbox One

Restart Xbox One

  • Turn off the Xbox One console by pressing the Xbox button for a few seconds, you will notice that the light turns off
  • Now press the Xbox button again to turn in on

You need to be sure that your HDTV is not doing any additional processes on the image. You can optimize these settings through the HDTV calibration wizard. 

Run the HDTV calibration wizard

  • In the Home screen, Press the Menu Button on the controller.
  • Select Settings > Display & sound > Calibrate HDTV 
  • Now follow the steps of calibration from your screen.

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