How To Send a Message to Xbox Live User Using PC

Want to send a message to your friend on Xbox Live but you are bit lazy and don't want to move to your Xbox for doing the same. Thanks to Microsoft that they have the solution for your laziness as Xbox website allows user to send message to Xbox Live user through your computer. The only thing required is a Xbox LIVE Gold account.

Step 1:

On Xbox Website click on the link "Join Xbox LIVE-Free". Click "Sign In" option if you already have Xbox LIVE account of yours.

Step 2:

Provide the necessary detail like account name, image and than sign up for Gold account.

Step 3:

Now Navigate to the "Friend's List" from there click on "Messages" and than "New Message"

Step 4:
Provide the name of Xbox LIVE user you want to send message to, than type your message and click the option "Send"

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