How to remove a stuck disc from PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Here is a guide to remove a stuck disc from PlayStation 4, if you are in a situation where you are not able to remove the disc from your PS4 console by the eject command then you will have to remove it manually. You do not need professional help if you follow the steps in this guide properly.

PlayStation 4

These are the steps to manually remove a stuck Disc from PlayStation 4:

Step 1:

Removing the glossy part which covers your PlayStation 4

  • Turn off your PS4 completely
  • Unplug all the cables from the back of your PS4 system
  • Now place the PS4 box on a clean flat surface with the first PS4 logo to your left and the PS4 logo of the top surface is at upper right side.
  • Position your hands in such a way that your palm rests on the glossy surface, curl your fingers and place them in the gap between two covers.
  • Slide the panel away from you by applying slight amount pressure.
  • After you hear a click remove the panel from the left side.

Step 2:

Removing the Disc

  • You need to change the position of your PS4, place it in such a way that the first PS4 logo (which was on your left earlier) is now in the front or simply turn your PS4 180 degree counter clock wise.
  • After removing the glossy panel, you should see two sets of vents lining the outer left edge.
  • Follow the first single slot, i.e. it will not be grouped with any other slots.
  • Find a small manual eject screw on the left side
  • Place a slender Phillips-head screwdriver or jeweler's screwdrivers and turn the screw counter-clockwise. After  few turns you will see the disc coming out.
  • Carefully pull it out of the PS4

Step 3:

Covers your PlayStation 4

  • Place the glossy cover a little away from its proper position and slide it down till you hear a click.
  • Connect all the cables that you had removed during Step 1
  • Turn on your PS4 and check if things are in order.

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