Sniper Elite 3: All missions Collectible guide

Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3 has 110 Collectible Locations which include 60 War Diaries, 20 Collectible Cards, 22 Sniper Nests and 8 Long Shots. You will gain 100% completion when you finish all 8 campaign missions. If you manage to find all of these you can earn these five trophies / achievements.

Sniper Elite 3

Archivist (20G)
The gathering (20G)
Nesting instinct (20G)
A shot in the dark (40G)
Casual Reader (10G)

Here is a mission by mission video guide to get all the collectable which will help you get the above mentioned trophies / achievements:

Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4

Mission 5

Mission 6

Mission 7

Mission 8

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