Tips for playing Destiny Multiplayer Beta


Destiny Beta is just round the corner and many of us are gearing for this Destiny war. All the gamers taking part in the Beta are already great players, but it is always good to keep certain quick tips in mind before getting into the battle. Go through these quick tips to be better prepared for Destiny Beta.


Choose the correct Class

Destiny offers 3 different types of classes from which you can choose the one which suits you. For huge hits and damages over huge areas choose Warlock or Titan. If you love perfection The Hunter and its Golden Gun will work best for you. You can easily choose from the classes which Destiny beta will offer so that you will be well prepared for the full version of this game.

Head shots

Not always while in an intense battle do we keep this in mind, but an important thing to win better, aim for the head. It will cause severe damage to your enemy.

Orbs of Light

When you kill an enemy with Golden Gun, Nova Bomb, or Fist of Havoc, an orb will be created, they allow you to recharge Supers to attack smaller enemy packs. If you are successful in creating more number of orbs, you and your clan members can create chain Supers to destroy the emenies.

Be present when the Destiny Beta starts 

It was revealed by Bungie that if you be present at the Beta, you will be given a special emblem for your character when the full game releases. It will be a token that you were present at the beta and took part in making Destiny better.


It is very important that you upgrade whenever you see a plus sign in the corner of gear slot. you will find yourself often forgetting to upgrading when you will play the beta, upgrading will help you play better.

Choose the correct Weapon

You will find a huge number of weapons to choose from, each have different ability and strength. Don't be stuck on your favourite, try other weapons, and who knows, the new ones might work better than expected. 

Use the New

There are a host of new features which the new will have, like a player can build his own clan and invite other players to join it, or getting indepth information about your character including viewing detailed stats. The new will offer more interaction with your friends.

Try not to wander off

If you lose your get killed during a strike only your fellow Guardians can bring you back. So if you get killed and are not revived, the whole map will start again as your Fireteam will be wiped. To avoid this, do not wander off.


During a co-op play it is best to plan a strategy with your fellow players. Communicate with them through your headphone, especially during competitive multiplayer and Strikes.

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