Edge of Space: Fixes for Blue Screen, Freezing issue, FPS issue, Crash issue, Pause button issue etc

Edge of Space

The key feature of Edge of Space include Insane Creatures, Deep Exploration, Loads of Armor  and much more. But being an interesting game does not mean it is free of crashes and bugs. Here is  a quick guide to avoid the most common problems occurring in the Edge of Space:

Edge of Space

Unable to see the start menu

  • After you launch Edge of Space click on the Settings icon
  • Click on start up
  • Next click on 'Automatically Appear When Started'

If you follow the above mentioned steps you will automatically see the start menu when you launch Edge of Space

Unable to load saved game

All you have to do to open your saved game is, click on 'continue game' after you launch Edge of Space.

Starting new server 

To start a new server in Edge of Space follow these steps:

  • From the game's home screen click 'Start Edge of Space Launcher'
  • Click Server icon from the left of the screen
  • Now enter the name and password of your character and select start server

Edge of Space Blue Screen of death

If you see the blue screen when you launch Edge of Space, the very first thing to do is check if your system meets the minimum requirements. When everything is in order, click 'Refresh and Restart' form the Settings tab in the Startup menu.

Low FPS issue

If you are facing an FPS issue with Edge of Space, install the Resolution Screen file, also do not keep any applications running in the background and check of your system meets the minimum requirements.

Unable to use the Pause button issue

  • After you launch Edge of Space, go to Settings > Controller and enable the pause button.

Edge of Space Freezing issue

Follow the steps to avoid Edge of Space freezing issue

  • Open the game file and click on Edge of Space
  • Then click on Screen Settings and Speed
  • Select reset speed, a download will start which should help you get rid of the freezing issue. 

Edge of Space Crash issue

Follow the same steps given under the Freezing issues.

Connect to the Server

  • It is very easy to connect to a server in Edge of Space, after you launch Edge of Space click on the 'Connect Button'
  • Then click on 'Add Server Button'
  • Enter the required information and you are done.

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