Empires of Sand: Complete Cheats and Tips Guide

Empires of Sand

Empires of Sand is a game which comprises of tower defense and reverse-tower defense, made specially for the iOS and Android platforms.

Just like in Clash of Clans, you are supposed to create your troops and use them effectively for winning a battle successfully.

Empires of Sand

Here is a complete list of cheats and tips which you can use to effectively win battles in Empires of Sand:

More number of Prayer Towers

Try to save Prayers to release a huge number of troops at the proper time. Have Prayer Towers to build a huge number of troops which you can send when neutral attackers come out in big numbers. Then send your troops to confuse other players and also a huge number to deal with.

Defense is the key to success

Along with using smart strategies, it is important to use solid defense. Be sure of loading up defensive towers to keep out neutral troops. you can win most PvP battles using only defense. 

Use Magic spells

Make use of Magic Spells like meteors which is a force multiplier. If you use them at the precise time, you will successfully destroy large number of enemy groups. Also place Barrack towers in the path which will act as an obstacle for the enemies. 


Upgradation is a very important aspect of this game, try to use your winning for the upgrading various things like defensive tower headquarters, other buildings etc. It will help you strengthen your troops and you can power up and upgrade in the battle. YOu can also unlock new troops to increase the number of strategies that you can use.

Replace Towers

Changes will keep you going in this game, sell off the towers which are no longer effective. Buy new towers with renewed magic and supplies. You can also take out magic towers and have archer towers if the situation demands.

Use smart strategies

Observe other players for their strategies and change yours according to what they have been doing for e.g. If the other players use magic towers you can flood their paths with scarabs or if the other players have archer towers you can send out strong troops in a small number for the effect.

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