How to get Diamonds and Dollars in Crazy Taxi: City Rush, a complete cheats guide

 Crazy Taxi: City Rush

The latest game in the insane Sega franchise, Crazy Taxi: City Rush is specially developed for iOS and Android platforms.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush uses two main types of currency Diamonds and Dollars and this guide has all the tips which will help you earn a high number of Diamonds and Dollars in Crazy Taxi: City Rush.

 Crazy Taxi: City Rush

Collect Diamonds

You can get free diamonds by increasing the number of passengers, you will get one diamond each for every passengers that you have collected. Get the diamonds from the Sticker Book. Free diamonds can also be collected by earning achievements and dollars can be used in upgrading your Taxi. 

Hit Likes!

You can increase your Dollars by liking the games Facebook and Twitter. You will get 3k Dollars by doing so. Another way is to tap the watch a video button, view the ad and get free coins.


There are various offers available in the IAP store through which you can get free coins. You can get many coins just by access in the offer wall which consists of the Tapjoy offers. Earn a large number of coins just by completing these offers.

Mystery trunk

Try to create Mystery Trunks by collecting its material. After collecting all the item required, open the Mystery Trunk which will have hidden bonuses. if you are lucky enough you will get 50 or 100 diamonds a huge number of dollars.

Drive Insane!

Try to hit as much as possible, the more you drive like you have gone mad the more rewards you will get. Drive as fast as you can by doing stunts like long drifts. There are also rewards for faster completion of stages

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