How to get Destiny Blink of an Eye Trophy / Achievement for PS4 Xbox One


Destiny has recently launched with players still exploring various locations in the game. Developers are waiting for the Destiny universe to be populated with a huge number of players for an enhanced gaming experience. 


Destiny includes 42 Trophy / Achievement for PS4 and Xbox One. Click here for the whole list. The Blink of an Eye Trophy / Achievement is located on planet Earth. After loading roam on earth (Patrol Cosmodrome) reach to the north of the starting point to a group of five low-level Vandals. Try to use your super moves against the enemy if you are playing Titan or Warlock to kill then all.

While playing as a Hunter make use of the grenade and shoot them with a rocket launcher.

You will be able to unlock this trophy while playing Destiny, but if you are having any troubles, go through the video below for a demo on how to get the Blink of an Eye Trophy / Achievement for PS4 Xbox One. It will give you Bronze trophy and 20 Gamerscore Points. 

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