A Complete Destiny Walkthrough and How to get Vanguard Pre-Order Bonus for PS4


Destiny was revealed at Sony's E3 2013 conference in front of an awestruck live audience. It is an online multiplayer persistent world first-person shooter game set in the "mythic science fiction" open world and created by Bungie and published by Activision.


This game is set about 700 years in the future in an in a post-apocalyptic environment which followed a prosperous period of exploration, peace, and technological advancement that is the Golden Age. The end of Golden Age lead to the "Collapse" which caused a near extinction of the mankind. Humans have been able to survive only because of a celestial body, the "Traveler."

Here is the complete video walkthrough for Destiny PS4 

Destiny Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay PS4

Destiny Walkthrough Part 2 Gameplay PS4

Destiny Walkthrough Part 3 Gameplay PS4

Destiny Walkthrough Part 4 Gameplay PS4

Destiny Walkthrough Part 5 Gameplay PS4

How to get Destiny PS4 Vanguard Pre-Order Bonus

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