How to fix Destiny Baboon, Nightingale, Jackrabbit and Marionberry Error Code PS4 Xbox One


When there are huge number of gamers trying to play one game at the same time, errors are bound to happen. Bungie is trying its best to find a way out of this messy error codes battle.


How to fix Destiny Marionberry Error Code

Marionberry Error Code is caused due to problems in the networking setup. It will commonly occur after WiFi blip or after switching your PS4 or Xbox One console and network.

Here are a few steps to get rid of the Marionberry error

  • Log out of Destiny and completely turn off your gaming console, and networking hardware. Wait for about 30 seconds and restart each device at a time. 
  • Decrease the firewall security
  • Also disable the UPNP function from the router

How to fix Destiny Centipede Error

Here is a complete guide to fix Destiny Centipede Error

How to fix Destiny Baboon and Jackrabbit Error

Just restart the game as Bungie is expected to soon fix the Destiny Baboon and Jackrabbit Error.

How to fix Destiny Nightingale Error

At the moment, only solution provided by Bungie to fix the Nightingale Error is completely deleting and reinstalling the Destiny game. If the error persists, check for any issues with your hardware. Get in touch with Customer support if required.

How to fix Destiny "The installed game is corrupted. You must delete the installed game and reinstall it" Error

All you need to do is close this error message and resume downloading the game, this error is know to occur only during download.

Let us know in the comment section if you are facing any more errors while playing Destiny.

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