How to Level up and Use Grinding Techniques in Destiny PS4 Xbox One


In Destiny players can quickly level up and use various grinding techniques to reach level 20 and beyond. Here is a guide on how to Grind Levels in Destiny.


How to use Crucible Bounties for grinding levels:

In the single player Story Mode it is very easy to level up till the ninth level. After that you can use the Bounty Tracker station in the Tower. By doing this you will have access to various pre-defined bounties, which include major rewards.

There are modes which are a part of the multiplayer campaign. Also there are no specific skills required. In turn you have to complete five multiplayer missions. Like in the Death or Glory, you have to complete five Clash matches, it is not mandatory for you to win, you will get 5000 XP even if you lose.

All you have to do is make use of these Bounties along with points from the match, in this manner even players with low skills can quickly advance through levels.

Checkout this video to Level up and Use Grinding Techniques in Destiny:

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