How to get Destiny Dead Ghosts locations from all Four Planets And the Tower


The highly anticipated Destiny has finally arrived and players are doing their best to populate the Destiny universe for an enhanced gaming experience. The Destiny Ghost Edition contains Ghost Replica, Limited Edition SteelBook Case and Game Disc, Guardian Folio, "Arms and Armament" Field Guide, Postcards from the Golden Age, Antique Star Chart, A Unique Ghost Casing, An Exclusive Player Emblem and An Exclusive Player Ship Skin.


Follow this guide to get Destiny Dead Ghosts locations from all Four Planets And the Tower:

How to get Destiny Dead Ghosts locations from The Tower

  • Tower Plaza - Tower Watch

Go through the stairs

  • Tower North

The Speaker will know the exact location

  • Tower Plaza - Traveler's Walk

Check out the frontier

  • Hall of Guardians

You will get it on the exit

How to get Destiny Dead Ghosts locations on Earth

  • Breach

Be ready with you gun, and keep an eye on the ceiling

  • Breach

From the puddle look to your left

  • The Divide

Just follow the Signs

  • The Divide

Go round

  • The Steppes

Get rid of your fears

  • The Steppes to Mothyards

Go slow so that you dont miss this one

  • Mothyards

Try the caves

  • Lunar Complex

Look in the dark corners 

  • Skywatch

You will find it in the sky

  • Terrestrial Complex

Open the locker

  • Rocketyard

Above the Servitor.

  • Forgotten Shore

Try getting onto a big boat

  • Refinery

Look for a small bright room

  • The Blast

Look behind the door which has The Devil Walker

  • The Grottos

Just beyond the unseen door.

  • Forgotten Shore: Bunker RAS-2

Look into the Bunker


How to get Destiny Dead Ghosts locations on Moon

  • Archer's Line


  • Archer's Line

Crack beyond the dome.

  • Anchor of Light

Climb the girder

  • Temple of Crota    

Go in and come back up

  • Hellmouth

Explore our past

  • Circle of Bones

Complete the circle

  • Gatehouse

Look to the depths

  • Hall of Wisdom

Edge of the abyss

  • Shrine of Oryx

Deep within, upon the bones


How to get Destiny Dead Ghosts locations on Venus

  • Headlands

Third puddle to the left

  • Shattered Coast

backseat driver

  • Ishtar Academy


  • Ishtar Cliffs

Over the muddy waters

  • Waking Ruins

Go higher in the grounds

  • Campus 9

This will need a lot of exploration

  • Ishtar Commons

Under the tarp, above you

  • Ishtar Commons

small dark rooms

  • Winter's Lair

In the dark corner

  • Ember Caves

Look into the caves

  • Hall of Whispers

Explore the place

  • N/Gen Branch


  • Dig Site 4

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  • Endless Steps

Good luck.


How to get Destiny Dead Ghosts locations on Mars 

  • Barrens

There is heated combat at its doorstep.

  • Scablands

Go to the other side

  • Firebase Rubicon

look into the trees

  • The Hollows

"CB" marks the spot.

  • Dust Palace

Window washer.

  • Overwatch

Get a desk job.

  • Giants' Pass

Root of the problem.

  • Valley of the Kings

Climb, beyond the outpost - not too high, not too low.

  • Valley of the Kings

Skirt the edge.

  • The Drift

Signs of life.

  • Buried City

Go to a higher place

  • Freehold Station

Like a tiny star in the night.

  • Tharsis Junction

In the shadows of the M line.

  • Iron Line

Look above

  • Trenchworks

Close to the walls

  • The Legion's Keep

Column of stone

  • Upper Garden

Explore to find it

  • The Black Garden

Explore to find it

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