How to be the most powerful Destiny Warlock with Weapon combination for PlayStation and Xbox


Destiny is called as the most successful game in the history of gaming. Once into it, you will find an ocean of players advancing rapidly into the game. Here is for you, as a Warlock, the combination of weapons that the developers themselves use for powerful action. Dev's have listed their ideal weapons in Newsweek's Destiny guide.


Checkout the developers and their weapon lists below:

Kevin Yanes - Multiplayer Designer (Exo Male)  

  • Primary Weapon: Red Death Pulse Rifle and Suros Regime Auto Rifle  
  • Special Weapon: Black Chasma Esc Shotgun 
  • Heavy Weapon: Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher with Wolfpack Rounds for PvP 
  • Combat Specialty: Radiance and Firebolt Grenade 

Natasha Tatarchuk - Graphics Engineering Architect (Awoken Female)  

  • Primary Weapon: Bad Juju  
  • Special Weapon: Killing Word Shotgun  
  • Heavy Weapon: Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher  
  • Combat Specialty: Nova Bomb Power 

David "Deej" Dague - Community Manager (Exo Male) 

  • Primary Weapon: Auto Rifle with Enhanced Optics  
  • Special Weapon: Shotgun, no Charge Required  
  • Heavy Weapon: Belt-Fed Machine Gun with Good Stability and a High Rate of Fire 
  • Combat Specialty: Orbital Nova Bombardment  

Sam Jones - Principal Artist (Exo Female)  

  • Primary Weapon: Suros JPS-55 Pulse Rifle  
  • Special Weapon: Helios FR5 Fusion Rifle  
  • Heavy Weapon: Genghis-E Heavy Machine Gun 
  • Combat Specialty: Twin Axion Bolt  

James Tsai - Design Lead (Human Male) 

  • Primary Weapon: Suros Regime 
  • Special Weapon: Sidewinder Shotgun  
  • Heavy Weapon: Swarm Heavy Machine Gun  
  • Combat Specialty: Damage and Death 

Jason Sussman - Design Lead (Exo Male)  

  • Primary Weapon: Pulse Rifle with Enhancements 
  • Special Weapon: Sniper Rifle for Exploration and Shotgun for the Crucible  
  • Heavy Weapon: Rocket Launcher  
  • Combat Specialty: Nova Bombing from a safe distance  

Scott Taylor - Concept and 3D Art Producer (Exo Male)  

  • Primary Weapon: The Stranger’s Rifle, a Pulse with a Holo Scope  
  • Special Weapon: Shotgun  
  • Heavy Weapon: A Powerful HMG 
  • Combat Specialty: Effects of Warlock Bonds  

Sheik Wang - Senior Art Lead (Awoken Male) 

  • Primary Weapon: Scout Rifle 
  • Special Weapon: Fusion Rifle  
  • Heavy Weapon: Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher 
  • Combat Specialty: Orbital Nova Bombardment 

Now you have the perfect weapons combination which the Destiny gods themselves use. What are you waiting for? May the best Warlock win!

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