How to Complete Destiny Mars Dust Palace, PlayStation Exclusive, Strike Mission


To be able to play the Destiny Mars Dust Palace Strike Mission, you should be on level 18. In this Strike Mission, you will come across Cabal and Vex. Void, Solar and Arc for Damage can be used. This mission will reward XP Bonus and Armor Upgrade.


From the Hollows, enter the Dust Palace through the elevator shaft. Now deploy a ghost to open the Door and be ready for a wave of Cabal's. After the attack, proceed to the lower floor of the atrium. Take Skirmish out and then go up through the stairs. There will be more Cabal and Vex in this area.

After opening the gate go to the Darkness Zone in the Cortex, face more enemies here along with the Centurion duo. Get three Psion Flayers in the courtyard with Legionaries. Psion Flayers will attack with Slug Rifle and Psionic Blast Wave. The weak spot will be the Head, so make it your primary focus and successfully complete this mission.

Here is a video on how to Complete Destiny Mars Dust Palace Strike Mission:

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