How to do the Best Destiny Engram Farming, Legendary and Rare Run for PlayStation & Xbox


Destiny is becoming the most successful game in the history of gaming. Once into it, you will find an ocean of players advancing rapidly into the game. You will find numerous item in Destiny. 


You need to be on level fourteen to be able to do the Engram Farming. By using this method you will be able to get more than 10 Blue Engrams per person and 35 greens per hour. The maker of the following video found four Legendaries in mere two hours. You could get really lucky and find more.

The best suited Engram Farming, Legendary and Rare Run location is Venus during The Nexus Strike Mission. After you pass three Servitors and Minotaurs go to the dark cave. Goblins are perfect for this kind of farming. Higher level random Strike missions on this map do not increase the likelihood of better drops.

Check out the video for the Best Destiny Blue, Green Engram Farming, Legendary and Rare Run:

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