Destiny: How To Set FireTeam To Public on Xbox One


The biggest release of 2014, Bungie's Destiny is now available on retail shelves across the globe. One of the fun feature of Destiny is "FireTeam", however a lot of Xbox One owners are unaware of how to set "Fireteam" to Public in Bungie's Destiny. So here is a easy and step by step guide detailing how it can be done.


Step 1:

  • Press Home button on Xbox One controller.

Step 2:

  • Go To Your Friend App

Step 3:

  • Go To "My Profile" on the left hand side

Step 4:

  • On the right hand side you will see DESTINY, click on it

Step 5:

  • The third option down says "Requires Invites", click on that and it will say "Set to Joinable"

Step 6:

  • You have successfully set your FireTeam setting to "Public" on Xbox One

Please NOTE, you need to follow these steps everytime you log on. I just hope this help Xbox One owners who were finding it difficult to activate FireTeam options.

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